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7 Things That Can Ruin a Strong Marriage ...

By Mishka

They say a marriage that is rock strong can withstand the fiercest onslaught without leaving as much as a dent on it. Obviously whoever it was doing the talking here wasn’t married. No matter how strong your marriage may be or how much you might be in love with each other, there are always things that can pull you apart. And it doesn’t always have to be about what you do or don’t. There can be external factors at play. So, not only do you have to worry about yourself but also be mindful of things beyond yourself that could be driving a wedge into the relationship. Here are the 7 things that can ruin a strong marriage. Watch out for them and do all you can to prevent them working their damage.

1 The Fight of the Finances

When money is tight and you are trying to make each penny last, meet unforeseen expenses, keep the house going, and fulfill other financial obligations, it’s not uncommon for both of you to experience frustration, hurt, and insecurity. Tempers are short, patience wears thin and before you know it, you are fighting over every single thing. Take a deep breath, clear your perspective, and be fair to your partner. Plan your budget together and see it meets your mutual requirements.

2 Close Encounters of the Friendly Kind

If you prioritize your friends, job, co-workers or relatives over your spouse, you are definitely going to have trouble at the home front. Remember, your partner claims first digs on your affections, time, energy, loyalty and respect. You cannot afford to ignore that or it may just become one of those things that can ruin a strong marriage.

3 Fatigue & Exhaustion

You have several responsibilities on your shoulder. Not only do you work full time, you also look after the house and kids, and take care of your ailing in-laws. Things cannot be easy for you, but do not allow fatigue to eat into your couple time. Proper nutrition, adequate rest, regular exercise can help you beat exhaustion and give you enough energy to spent cozy twosome moments with your partner.

4 Not Just Words...

While there are several known things that can ruin a strong marriage sometime, what you say unknowingly can also leave visible cracks in your relationship. A healthy relationship is based on differing opinions; however, hostility, criticism, sarcasm, dismissal, negative body language are things that your partner will remember long after the fight is over. If you have to argue, do it like decent, civilized people so there is no unpleasant aftermath haunting your relationship.

5 Poor Sex

Lack of sexual compatibility and limited creativity are one of the most important things that can ruin a strong marriage. Poor sex or the inability to connect physically can lead to disappointments and, in the long run, estrangement as well. Talk freely about your lovemaking sessions and look for new ways to be intimate with each other.

6 Mediocrity

After a few years into the marriage a lot of couples slip into the humdrum of daily life and forget to be spontaneous and creative. Surprises go out of the window and outings with each other become a matter of routine. Don’t let that happen to you. Organize surprise outings; make spontaneous plans to get away for the weekend, or drop love notes in your partners wallet or purse. Do what it takes to celebrate every minute you have with your partner.

7 Poor Self Esteem

Our relationship can only be as healthy as we personally are. Low self esteem, depression, poor fitness, and untreated illness can reduce your ability to cope with a relationship, leading to frequent fights, affairs, and even substance abuse. You want to work on your relationship – get to work on yourself first.

There you have it – the 7 things that can ruin a strong marriage. Prevent them from wreaking havoc on your relationship by investing time, effort, patience, and understanding in it. Your relationship requires very careful nurturing – more than the most fragile plant in your garden. If you can spend hours pottering around in your garden urging your plants to grow and bloom, surely you can do a lot more for someone you love, right?

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