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7 Ways to Feng Shui Your Way to Better Love ...

By Neecey

Does your life seem jaded and predictable? Does it seem like mission impossible trying to find that special someone? Perhaps you should consider Feng Shui (say ‘fung shway’) for some ideas to improve life in the bedroom or in your relationship. Feng Shui is the Chinese art of knowing how to create a home or room environment which will support the life you wish for. A key element is creating a flow of chi or positive energy. Think of chi as a gentle breeze moving through your home and into your bedroom. If this energy is stagnant or blocked you will have little enthusiasm or luck in romance. You therefore need to correct or balance the chi of your bedroom and here are 7 Feng Shui ways to better love.

1 Choose the Right Bedroom

pink, room, duvet cover, product, furniture,The position of the bedroom in the house is of great importance. Ideally, it should be in the south-west corner of the house but if this is not possible then the south-west corner of the bedroom is your romance power centre. Enhance this area with any images or objects that represent love and romance and also have strong personal meaning in your life.

2 Tidiness for Romance

room, bed, furniture, product, bed sheet,Declutter and clean your bedroom. Clutter and untidiness are signs that chi is blocked, so roll up your sleeves and have a good spring cleaning. Remove anything that reminds you of past failed relationships (e.g. photos, clothes, gifts and old love letters)!

3 Make Space

room, bedroom, furniture, bed, product,Are you looking for a new partner or wanting closer commitment in a relationship? Then make sure there is space for love and that person in your room and home. If your closets are filled to capacity with you own stuff, aim to free up at least 25% of the space.

4 The Wrong Sort of Bedroom Exercise

room, duvet cover, furniture, bedroom, bed sheet,Another Feng Shui way to better love is not to do work or do workouts in your bedroom. Keep the energy of hard work or physical exertion out of your place for romance. Chances are your relationships will be less confrontational.

5 Images of Togetherness

furniture,Get rid of images which show one person or single objects as this suggests loneliness and solitude. Instead choosing romantic artwork or objects in pairs – candles, pillows, cushions, floral arrangements amongst others is a good Feng Shui way to better love. A round mirror is also good Feng Shui as the shape suggests completion and wholeness. Just make sure that it doesn’t reflect the door or window since that would deflect the energy or chi away from you. By all means keep plants in your house and bedroom but just make sure they are living ones. Traditional Feng Shui advises against anything that was once alive.

6 Bed Space

room, purple, pink, bed sheet, living room,Place your bed so that the space on either side is equal. In this position neither you nor your partner will feel confined or boxed in. The bed should also be on the opposite side of the room from the door. This is the ‘command position’ which gives you a view of the door, prevents surprises, and gives you control of your romance environment.

7 Sensuality

room, bedroom, furniture, bed, interior design,And finally, satisfy your senses: Sight – use soft lighting, wear sexy underwear (both of you), watch erotic movies. Sound – listen to your favourite romantic songs. Smell – use scented candles, perfumes and lotions. Touch – have clean, silky hair, wear soft silk garments and use silk sheets and velvet cushions. Taste – chocolate and champagne of course!

A delightful improvement of your romantic life can be yours if you choose the Feng Shui ways to better love. If anyone has any experience of employing Feng Shui to great advantage please do share with us.

Top Photo Credit: Denise Cross

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