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7 Relationship Disasters ...

By Melanie

Relationship disasters strike at any moment, if we allow them to. When they strike, it could mean the end of a relationship and it will definitely cause a bump in the road. Let me give you 7 relationship disasters you should avoid …

7 Not Giving Your Partner Room

Yes, there is a time to spend time together and I know that you really enjoy doing this, but there is also times where the two of you need to be apart. I have heard of many relationships going downhill simply because the guy or the girl did not give their partner enough room. It is common to want to have some time to yourself. If they request that “room,” you should not take it the wrong way. If you do, this could become a relationship disaster. Of course, you do not have to worry, but if they start to spend more and more time away from you, then you may want to bring it up.

6 Storming out of the Room

I am not a big one for storming out of the room. What if that is the last time you are going to see the person? Do you want it all to end with storming out of the room? I know a couple of people who lost someone right after they stormed out of the room – that is a relationship disaster in my book.


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5 Not Showing That You Care

In every relationship, you will need to show the individual that you care. There are different ways to do it and those ways should never get old. Giving handmade gifts, making them a nice dinner, taking them out to eat and spending some time with them is some ways to show that you care. When you are truly in love with someone, showing them that you care will just come natural.

4 Having an Affair with His Best Friend

Having an affair with his best friend or anyone else for that matter is definitely a relationship disaster. You should avoid having an affair at all costs. If something isn’t working out, then talk to your partner about it, don’t go and cheat on them. Cheating is wrong either way you stack it.

3 Flirting with Other Men

I never understood why girls flirt with other men when they are already in a relationship. You are not only going to hurt the guy you are currently with, but you are also hurting other guys by leading them on.

2 Talking about Him behind His Back

If there is something that is bothering you about this guy, then don’t go and talk about it behind his back. Instead, stand up and face him. Let him know exactly what is on your mind. If you were to talk about him behind his back, it could eventually get around to him and cause a relationship disaster.

1 Calling Him While He is Driving

This is a sad one, but I have to add it in here. If you know that he is driving, then don’t call him. Don’t even text him. It would be a true relationship disaster to know that your call or text caused him to get into an accident.

Those are 7 relationship disasters that you should try to avoid. I know I definitely try to avoid these. So, what are some more disasters?

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