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10 Words to Remember for a Healthy Romance ...

By Elizabeth

I love words of all kinds! Long ones, little ones, old ones, new ones, you name it! Words are extremely powerful, even on their own. The right word can easily change your mood or even your romance for the better. For this article, I've chosen to come up with 10 words I believe are great words for a healthy romance. Want to see? Please, read on!

1 Romantic

What's a romance worth without some romantic expressions? "Romantic" means "marked by expressions of love or affection; conducive to or suitable for lovemaking..." Every romance needs romantic gestures, no? They help keep things lively, fun, sweet and passionate.

2 Aphrodisiac

As I'm sure you know, an "aphrodisiac" is something that excites and arouses our sexual desires. Among the long list of aphrodisiacs, you'll find dark chocolate, strawberries, bananas, almonds, oysters, figs and honey! That should make for a most wonderful evening! Have a nice meal of oysters, dessert consisting of strawberries, almonds and chocolate, drizzle a little honey, and you're set!


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3 Infatuation

"Foolish or extravagant love and admiration." There is nothing wrong with acting foolish with each other from time to time! As a matter of fact, you should go all out for your sweetheart sometime, all extravagant-like. Make him feel like a king, and he'll make you feel like a queen!

4 Unrequited

This word, though not used much anymore, is a very important word to remember. It means, "not reciprocated or returned." When we do for our spouse, we should never do it expecting it to be returned. We are doing it because we love them, regardless of the outcome. However, I will say that too much unrequited love will cause major problems in the marriage.

5 Forgiveness

This must be one of the hardest words to accept or offer in a modern relationship. Many times, pride gets in the way of doing what we really ought to do - forgive. "Forgive" means "to give up resentment of; to cease to resent." Many times, unresolved issues such as this are the death of otherwise beautiful relationships.

6 Love

What is romance without love? In simple truth, it's affection... admiration... a willingness to overlook faults and accept the person for who they are. Love is the feeling of attachment to someone both emotionally and physically. Love is, well, love!

7 Tenderness

"Having a soft or yielding texture; weak; marked by... softer emotions." As women, we are considered "the weaker vessel." We weren't made to handle all the stressful things life throws at us - we are tender. On the other hand, God has given us the wonderful ability to be tender, something our husbands lack. It's up to hubby to be the strength, and us to be the tenderness that, together, makes a great relationship.

8 Compassion

Are you conscious of the pain and hurt your husband has? Compassion is seeing the need of someone else and desiring to help them out. We aren't always able to fix the problem, but even when we can't, we can always be there, comforting. Are you compassionate?

9 Zest

"An enjoyably exciting quality; spicy; enjoyable..." That's the meaning of "zesty"! You have to keep your romance full of spice and zest! If your romance keeps a honeymoon freshness, even as you stay together throughout the years, you're sure to have an enjoyable life together!

10 Sincere

Honesty is the best policy, especially in a relationship. When you've been hurt, tell your spouse rather than holding it in. This only leads to more serious issues. Be open with each other about everything - no matter how big or small the subject may be. Be honest, pure and true - sincere. There is no better way!

I hope you've enjoyed my little word lesson! If you incorporate these words into your relationship, not only will you have more romance, you'll be happier together. Do you have any words to add to this list? If so, please do!

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