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10 Tips for Office Romance ...

By Morgan

Let’s face it: if you’re working in an office, there’s a chance that you’re going to end up in a steamy office romance. Why is there such a high probability of this? You’re spending 2/3 of each day stuck in a cubicle, which means you’re spending 2/3 of each day spent around your co-workers. After awhile you are bound to get a little… close with someone else. Let me stop you from drooling so I can continue with a warning: there might be consequences! But it is possible. All you need are a few tips to consider before you dive into a cozy office romance.

10 Be Discreet

Be DiscreetPhoto Credit: HAMED MASOUMI

While you’re at the office, keep your PDA on the down-low. If you’re coworkers catch even a quick kiss or a suggestive smirk, they could slap a sexual harassment threat on you before you know it. Even rumors could escalate to a point where your job is threatened. This leads me to my next point.

9 Tell Your Boss

Tell Your BossPhoto Credit: kate_elizabeth

Before the rumors reach an all time high, privately discuss with your boss that you and a coworker are in a relationship (unless of course you're having an affair with your boss!). This will keep him/her from assuming the worst.

8 Stop and Think

Stop and ThinkPhoto Credit: Descriptimage

Before you start an office romance, think about what the consequences could be if you break up. Most inner-office nasty breakups result in one or the other leaving the job. Ask yourself, “How much do I really love my job?” and, “Is he/she important enough to me to possibly risk my job?” The answer your gut is telling you is probably the best choice. Go with it.

7 Research Your Companies Dating Policies

Research Your Companies Dating PoliciesPhoto Credit: Tja'Sha ♥

Many companies frown upon inner-office dating, but as the years go by, policies are a lot more easy-going about it. It’s best to look up your companies dating policies to make sure.

6 Don’t Send Romantic Emails at Work

Don’t Send Romantic Emails at WorkPhoto Credit: be2blog_es

I know you can’t help but send a flirty little email to your honey in the cubicle down the hall, but it’s probably not a good idea, especially if you’re trying to keep the romance a secret. Company email systems aren’t very private, and your boss could go straight into your email if she/he is suspicious.

5 Avoid Supervisor Relationships

Avoid Supervisor RelationshipsPhoto Credit: Ryan Brenizer

First of all, you don’t want other co-workers thinking you're seeking special attention by sleeping with the boss. Second, if the relationship turns sour, your boss could face a sexual harassment suit. If anything, have significant other with the highest rank to publicly share the relationship. This will make the relationship seem more legitimate thus creating an awkward-free atmosphere.

4 Don’t Forget about Your Job!

Don’t Forget about Your Job!Photo Credit: doc18

After a while it can be easy to forget the real purpose of your job — the actual “working” part. Strike a bell now? Ahh, there we go. Don’t get caught up in your new fling. Remember there is still paperwork to do, calls to make, and money to earn!

3 Set Some Rules

Set Some RulesPhoto Credit: In My Head Studios

It’s not the most romantic part of an office romance, but it’s a smart idea. Make some guidelines over how the relationship will work and continue. How public should we be? Who should we tell? What if we break up? The answers will show how stable the relationship can be.

2 Look outside Your Department

Look outside Your DepartmentPhoto Credit: steffilynn!

Don’t settle for your cubicle buddy. Mingle with others at social events the company is hosting, or even at another department in the business. You never know if you will see someone with a little more personality than Richard “Bob” Dull-pants in the cubicle to the left of you.

1 Be Happy!

Be Happy!Photo Credit: sandra..

Being in a happy relationship means being in a happy work space. Emotions spread through people very easily, and nothing is worse than being Debby Downer ruining everyone’s day because you and your inner-office romance got in a fight.

If you’re planning on an office romance, these tips are fool-proof on keeping it healthy and safe. Also, know the difference between an office romance and actual sexual harassment. If you’re unwillingly being pursued, then it could escalate into sexual harassment, which is the last problem you want on your plate. Have any experiences with an office romance? Has it failed, has it succeeded? Share your stories!

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