15 Signs Your Boss is Attracted to You ...


15 Signs Your Boss is Attracted to You ...
15 Signs Your Boss is Attracted to You ...

It can become quite challenging to maintain boundaries in the workplace when you believe your boss is attracted to you. If office romance is something you are questioning, then you should read these 15 signs your boss is attracted to you. This can be used for both sexes. However, since I am a female, I am going to go from a female point of view.

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He Sends You Flowers

I sure hope your boss doesn’t go this far, but if he sends you flowers regularly, he’s definitely hitting on you, not just being nice! Men know how expensive flowers are just as much as women and trust me, he’s not shelling out the money just to be nice unless it’s your birthday or Secretary’s Day.


Flowers are a classic sign of romantic attraction, and if your boss is sending you flowers on a regular basis, it’s a sure sign that he’s interested in you. It’s not just a nice gesture, because men know how expensive flowers can be. If it’s not your birthday or another special occasion, it’s likely that he’s sending them as a way to express his feelings for you.

Other signs that your boss may be attracted to you include him giving you compliments, touching you more than necessary, or trying to spend more time with you. He might also ask about your personal life, or try to find common interests that you can bond over.

It can be difficult to navigate a relationship with your boss, especially if you’re not interested in him. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, it’s important to set boundaries and make sure that your boss understands that you’re not interested in a romantic relationship.


He Orders You Coffee

If you’re arriving to the office everyday and find your boss has pre-ordered your favorite Starbucks drink or has it sitting on your desk, he’s probably hitting on you. Start bringing your own coffee and maybe he’ll take the hint!

Frequently asked questions

Some signs include frequent compliments, special treatment compared to other employees, personal invitations to spend time outside of work, lingering touches or glances, and sharing personal details about their life that they don't share with others.

It's natural for people to feel attracted to others, but in a professional setting, it is important for a boss to maintain professional boundaries. Acting on attraction in a workplace can lead to complications and may be against company policy.

If you feel uncomfortable or if it's affecting your work, consider speaking to your boss directly if it feels safe, set clear boundaries, or reach out to HR for guidance on how to handle the situation.

Yes, it can impact your job either positively, in the case of favoritism, or negatively, if the attraction isn't mutual and it leads to tension or resentment. In both cases, it can create an unfair work environment.

Keep interactions with your boss formal and work-related, avoid being alone with them unnecessarily, and maintain clear personal boundaries. Document any unprofessional behavior and stay focused on your job performance.


He Says Weird Things

If your boss says things like, “I’m so glad you’re at the company now and it makes me so much happier to be at work,” or things like, “I’ve never had someone so special be able to work for me,” then your boss might be hitting on you. Yuck!


If you’ve noticed your boss making comments about your appearance or how you dress, this could be an indication that they are attracted to you. This could be as simple as a compliment on a new hairstyle or outfit, or as overt as a comment about your figure. If your boss is always finding reasons to be around you, this could also be a sign of attraction. If they are constantly lingering after meetings, or making excuses to be in your office, this could be a sign that they are interested in you.

Your boss might also be attracted to you if they are always finding ways to touch you. This could be as simple as a pat on the back or a light brush of the arm. If your boss is always trying to find ways to make physical contact with you, this could be an indication of attraction.

If your boss is always asking you personal questions about your life, this could be a sign that they are interested in you. They might ask about your hobbies, your family, or your dating life. If your boss is always trying to get to know you better, this could be a sign that they are attracted to you.


Asks Your Input on His Attire

If your boss asks for your fashion advice, or if you like his outfit, he may be trying to subtly get a compliment from you or invite you into the personal place of his wardrobe. The best way to handle this is to tell him you’re not sure the best person to give him advice on that and just go from there.


Moves Your Desk Closer to His

If your boss suddenly bumps up your office space to one next to his, it could be that he’s trying to give you an incentive and reason to be next to him. Keep an eye out for this, especially if you’re new to the company, where other people might have been there longer to deserve the spot or better location.


Moving you closer to his office could mean more than just physical proximity; it's potentially a sign of special attention. This action opens up opportunities for more one-on-one interactions and easier access to casual conversations that aren't strictly work-related. It's important to observe whether this luxury is afforded to others or if it's an exclusive perk earmarked just for you. If exclusive, it could hint at a personal interest, especially when coupled with lengthy chats, personal questions, or the occasional coffee brought just the way you like it.


Special Attention

One of the most common signs that your boss is attracted to you would be the fact that they give you special attention. For example, your boss may think of reasons to go to your desk throughout the day. It is normal for a boss to mingle with his subordinates, but taking trips that are unnecessary to your desk is something different.


In addition to giving you special attention, your boss may also make an effort to engage in one-on-one conversations with you, whether it's about work or personal topics. They may also remember small details about your life and bring them up in conversation, showing that they have been paying attention to you. Your boss may also give you more opportunities for growth and development, such as assigning you important projects or offering you additional training. These are all signs that your boss sees you as more than just an employee and is potentially attracted to you.


Special Considerations

From time to time, many bosses give special considerations to their employees. However, if you find that your boss is consistently doing this, then he may have a personal attraction to you.


When your supervisor extends privileges or bends the rules for you beyond what's typical, this could indicate more than just a professional appreciation. It's important to observe the consistency and exclusivity of these actions. If you're the only one receiving early leave approvals or personalized assistance on projects, and these perks are not aligned with workplace norms, it could suggest your boss views you differently. Tread carefully—favoritism in the workplace can lead to uncomfortable dynamics and complications with coworkers. Always consider the impact on your professional environment before engaging further.


Suggests Activities outside of Work

Sure, he may just be getting to know his workers more and it is fine to do this in a group. However, if he is requesting you to go one on one on him, then this may be a sign. This includes everything from going over to his house and a movie to offers of lunch.


When personal invitations from your boss become a pattern, it's important to take note. These gestures can seem flattering at first, but assess the situation carefully. It's one thing to build team rapport, but another entirely when the focus is exclusively on you. If you're uneasy about these solo outings or if they start to encroach on your private time, trust your instincts. Remember, there should be clear boundaries between professional and personal lives. It’s crucial to maintain a comfortable work environment, and you have every right to set limits.



If you are finding your boss sharing confidences, then he may have an attraction to you. This includes both professional commentary and personal information that is not appropriate to share in the workplace.


Good rapport can sometimes blur professional lines. When private thoughts or feelings about other colleagues, company matters, or sensitive information start trickling into your conversations, take note. It's one thing to be trusted, but it's another to be singled out as a confidante for matters that seem too personal. If your gut tells you the level of trust is disproportionate or awkward given your professional relationship, consider this a red flag. It's especially telling if he emphasizes that these confidences are to be kept just between the two of you.


He Keeps Sending Glances Your Way

Sometimes, I can just tell when someone is looking at me! Is this happening in the workplace? Then, when you look up, you find it’s your boss and your eyes are locked and then he looks away.


It could be a sign that your boss is attracted to you if he keeps sending you glances. This could be when you're in a meeting, when you're walking through the office, or when you're just sitting at your desk. When you catch him looking, he might quickly look away or hold your gaze for a few seconds. This behavior might also be accompanied by blushing or an awkward smile. If your boss is attracted to you, he might also act differently around you than he does with other colleagues. He might be more friendly, more complimentary, and more attentive. Additionally, he might be more likely to ask you for help or to do favors for you.


He Strikes up Conversation

A guy who is interested, this includes your boss, will strike up a conversation with you. Does your boss do this to you all the time, everyday throughout the day? Yep, that is a sign!


It’s Obvious He’s Trying to Stay Cool

Your boss will try his hardest to appear confident. In fact, it becomes obvious that he his trying so hard. This is a type of mask to hide the way he is feeling.


When it comes to signs that your boss is attracted to you, it’s important to be aware of the subtle changes in their behavior. One of the most common signs is that your boss will try to appear more confident than usual. It’s obvious when they are trying too hard to remain cool and collected. This is a type of mask they wear to hide any true feelings they may have for you.

Other signs that your boss may be attracted to you include increased compliments, lingering eye contact, and an eagerness to help you with tasks. They may also try to find an excuse to spend more time with you or to go out for lunch together. If your boss asks you personal questions or talks about their own personal life, this could be a sign of attraction.

If your boss is attracted to you, they may be more likely to give you special privileges or rewards. This could include tasks that are outside of your job description, additional vacation days, or a promotion. They may also be more likely to try to defend you if you make a mistake.


He Searches for You

When you’re on your break, you find that he has been searching for you. It seems like he cannot go a second without you being around and he joins you during break. What do you think of that?


It can be difficult to tell if your boss is attracted to you. However, there are certain signs that can indicate a romantic or sexual attraction. One of the most telling signs is if your boss is always searching for you. If he can’t go a second without you being around, it could be a sign that he’s attracted to you.

It’s important to remember that there are other reasons why your boss might be searching for you. He could be looking for you to discuss a project, to give you a task, or to give you feedback on your work. It’s important to be aware of the context of the situation.

If your boss is always trying to get your attention, it could be a sign that he’s attracted to you. He might make eye contact with you frequently, or try to make conversation with you whenever he can. He might even try to find excuses to touch you, such as a friendly pat on the back or a handshake.


He Sends You Personal E-mails

All of a sudden, you have started getting personal e-mails. He is talking to you about his life. Maybe he feels that he can talk to you or… maybe he likes you! If the other signs are there, then you should go with the latter.


When your inbox pings with a new message from him, it's not just another update on work projects. Instead, these e-mails dig into his hobbies, interests, and even feelings. You find him sharing anecdotes from his weekend or asking about your personal life. If this is a shift from the usual formal correspondence, it might be his subtle way of saying you’re more to him than just an employee. Pay attention to the pattern of these e-mails – frequent and outside of office hours could indicate he's looking for a connection beyond the professional realm.


Calls You for No Reason

I do not know what is up with this guy, but if he has a tendency to call you for no reason whatsoever other than to just talk, then something is definitely up. Does this happen to you?

So, if you answered yes to most of these questions, then it is highly likely that your boss likes you. If he is married, then you need to let him down. Getting involved with a married man is no good. If you are not allowed to date employees in the workplace where you work, then you should realize you will be putting your job on the line if you pursue this, is it all that worth it? Do you have any questions about this subject? Does your boss show these signs or some other signs?

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How about she keep touching her breast as she talks with you?

This is bad

My boss is always smiling at me, flirting, always makes it a point to say hello and goodbye. Sure, the other bosses do it to, we have 6 diff managers there, all at diff times, but only HE says hi and bye to me all the time...don't notice the same actions with others there, only mild friendlyness and jokingness; too big a place to notice ALL convos with other female employees. BUT always smiling, always joking, always saying hi and bye, sometimes I catch him watching me BUT It could just be that I'm new. He makes me blush big time!! He's 1 year younger, too. I dunno about his personal life if he has a GF or not. But I have a BF and this is making me blush even more, makes me kinda uncomfortable. I read your tips and three of them fit...# 6, #5, and #10. You can email me back if you have time, anyone at all. : 3

My boss always seems so serious and stern, but I can always make him laugh and smile. I really would like to move things along and see if it could go anywhere. I'm sure there is a mutual attraction. Any advice for me ladies?

So, I also don't work in a office I work in retail. My boss always gives me morning shifts, grabs keys out of my back pocket(which are on lanyards) always picks on me, tells me how much guys hit on me behind my back, always looks me in the eye. Everytime I walk in the back room he has to say something to me. Does it sound like he's attracted to me at all????

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