14 Telltale Signs That He's Crushing on You ...


14 Telltale Signs That He's Crushing on You ...
14 Telltale Signs That He's Crushing on You ...

There are so many ways to tell if your crush is crushing on you back! Guys like to think that they're being subtle when it comes to girls but we all know they're the worst at that! LOL. Here are some telltale signs that he's totally got a crush on you:

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You Run into Him Everywhere

I mean, everywhere. Outside your class after English Comp. At the grocery store. At the coffee shop. At Home Depot. At the mall, where you work. If you’re seeing him everywhere, he may be trying to make YOU notice HIM. Yup, he's got a crush. Smile a little. It will drive him crazy.


He Makes Sweet Gestures

Little gestures can mean a whole lot. If he's leaving you notes on the windshield wiper of your car, meeting you at your locker after class, or just trying his best not to be nervous around you, yeah, he likes you.


These sweet gestures are not just limited to notes and meeting you after class. He may also go out of his way to do small things for you, like getting you a coffee or offering to carry your books. These thoughtful actions show that he is thinking about you and wants to make you happy. Additionally, he may also show signs of nervousness, such as fidgeting or blushing, when he is around you. These are all clear indicators that he has a crush on you and is trying to show it in his own way.


You Catch His Eye — a Lot

This means he’s looking at you a lot. The next time you catch him looking, smile. He’ll probably either smile back, or blush a little because he got caught.


Another way to tell if a guy is crushing on you is if he goes out of his way to be near you or talk to you. This could mean choosing a seat next to you in class or joining a group conversation you're a part of. Additionally, pay attention to his body language. If he leans in towards you, makes eye contact, or mirrors your movements, these are all signs that he's interested in you. He may also try to impress you by showing off his talents or knowledge. These are all subtle yet telling signs that he's crushing on you.


He Compliments You — a Lot

He tells you that you have the prettiest smile, the shiniest hair, the nicest smile, he loves that skirt. If he pays you a lot of sincere compliments, that’s another sign he likes you.


It's not just compliments on your looks, either. He'll notice and appreciate your quirks, the way you laugh, and how you light up when talking about your passions. Whether it’s your sense of humor or the way you handled a tough situation, he's paying attention. His compliments are deep and meaningful, showing he’s really tuned into who you are. When he sees the best in you, even in moments you might not notice yourself, it’s a sure sign he’s got his sights set on you.


His Friends Know Your Name

If his friends all know your name, that means he’s been talking about you, especially if his friends aren’t in your own circle of friends. If he’s talking to his friends about you, he almost certainly likes you.


He Asks Questions

He wants to know your opinion, your likes, your dislikes. If he asks a lot of questions, rather than just talking about himself, that means he wants to get to know you better and that he likes you.


He Remembers Details

Asking you questions is a good sign but what's even better is when he remembers everything you said. He's already shown that he has a genuine interest in you but you'll get further confirmation of this if he remembers all the little things you tell him like the name of your first pet, your favorite color, etc.!


He Comments on Your Facebook/Twitter — a Lot

If he follows you on Twitter or always leaves a comment on your status on your wall, he likes you, and he’s not afraid who else knows it.


He Invites You to His Game

If a guy likes you, he’ll want to show off. If he’s in a band, he’ll invite you to a show. If he plays sports, he’ll ask you to his game. Cheer the loudest and he’s yours.


He's not just showing off his skills; he's also testing the waters to see if you're interested in his hobbies. Remember, guys often communicate their affection through actions rather than words, so his inviting you is a big step. Whether he's on the field or strumming a guitar on stage, your presence means a lot. And if you're equally enthusiastic about his passions, it further fuels his attraction. Don't be surprised if he glances over to see your reaction during the pivotal moments. Your support could be the sweetest victory of all for him.


He Makes an Effort with Your Friends

If he takes the time and effort to chat with your best friend, he’s probably just trying to find out more about YOU. Perfect! You can always find out exactly what he said later. What else are BFFs for?


A guy who digs you wants to ingratiate himself with the people you care most about. After all, your tribe is a reflection of you, and he's keen to show that he can jive with your inner circle. When he's asking your friends about their interests or recalling little details from previous conversations, it's a subtle sign that he values your world. Bonus points: He remembers your friends' birthdays or special occasions, proving he's invested in maintaining those friendships, just to see you smile. Trust us, he's not doing that for everyone.


His Body Language

Body language can tell you everything that you need to know. If you notice that he mimics your own body language, it means he’s trying to connect and is completely focused on you! Other things to look out for is if he maintains eye contact and leans in whenever he's talking to you. That shows that's super comfortable around you and feels safe with you!


He Makes Physical Contact

One of the most obvious signs that a guy is into you is if he tries to make physical contact! This could mean pulling you in for a hug every time he sees you, putting his arm around you, or trying to hold your hand when walking down the street or school hallway! He clearly wants people to know that he's interested in you!


Physical contact is a clear indication that a guy is interested in you. It shows that he wants to be close to you and is comfortable with physical intimacy. This could also include small gestures like brushing your hair out of your face or playfully nudging you. Additionally, studies have shown that physical touch can release oxytocin, the "love hormone," making him feel more connected to you. So if he's constantly finding ways to touch you, it's a sure sign that he has feelings for you. However, it's important to note that consent is always necessary before any physical contact.


He Finds Common Interest

If a guy is really into you, he'll make it his duty to find common ground with you. Having the same classes isn't enough, he'll try to connect with you on different levels! This could mean that he'll finally start listening to that band you love or watch that rom-com he swore he'd never watch. Whatever it takes to spark up conversation!


He Asks You out

BINGO! This is the best way to tell if a guy is interested. Why else would a guy ask you out? And if he is too shy to make the first move, go ahead! You can do the asking. If he does like you, and you like him, enjoy the thrill of the chase. Sit back, relax, and flirt a little. It’s just a matter of time.

Are there any other ways to tell if a guy is interested? Please, let me know!

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Um, thanks, Sheila, even though I had no intention of stalking him. I see him at the library occassionally, everyday at lunch, and sometimes after lunch on my way to fifth period. My fifth period class happens to be the the almost the same route as his class so it was kinda a coincidence. But when you put it that way I would be scared too so I should definitely take your tips. Luckily I was ahead of him today when walking to fifth period so hopefully he didn't freak out.

Hi I have a crush, and I can't find a way to talk to him. I see him everyday, but I have to wait for just the right moment to talk to him, and so far it's already been a week. It's hard for me to start a random convo with someone and become friends instantly. I once went to get a magazine from the rack he was sitting next to in the library but he was getting up to go. So my friend told me to stand outside the lunch line, and he came, and we both looked at each other for the first time. It was amazing except for the fact I kinda looked weird just standing there. So the next thing I know, after lunch he's walking down my table and looks at me and I look at him. Usually he hangs back with his friends, but he walked down my row faster than I expected that day. I didn't wanna look like some creeper, so I started walking back to class. I felt kinda paranoid and looked back, and guess what? He was right behind me. He obviously saw me look back, cuz he walked ahead of me after that, though he kinda stayed with my pace, just in front of me. And today he acted the same way except he was ahead of me. I don't wanna come across as a stalker, so I stayed behind a group of people. My friends tell me that he likes me but I'm not sure. Could it be possible?

Hi i like this boy to every time he looks at me and my friend says he smiles when he looks i really like him at shool when ever he come near us my friends always scream and he looks back looks dirrectly at me and smiles

ok so im in middle skool n reeeeaaaally like this guy that ive been friends with frevr. hes been bieng really nice to me l8ly n idk wats up. should i ask him out? help!!!

Lalalollipop, Hi lovee... I just read your comment and I'm wooping with joy. Wonderful for you loveeeeeee I can see how much you like this guy. And the best part is he really likes you to.. So good luck with him and for your Thanks given dinner. Come back to tell us all your lates news!! Hugs to you too hun :) xx

Hey Ruby, How sweet for you love :) Well why don't you try and text him and meet some time alone with him during the weekend. You can try and make the first move, maybe you'll gain him and your dream :) I'm sure if he likes you back he will find some way to meet you other than weekends! Good luck :)

ok so i like this guy but idk if he likes me tonight he talked to me out of nowhere but then he was like i have to go bye bye ttyl and i was like bye bye....and i need some help because i really like him alot...but idk if he feels the same we was at this thing in my town and he was always next to me and he was always making sure i was right next to him...plz help

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