10 Signs He's Playing Games ...


10 Signs He's Playing Games ...
10 Signs He's Playing Games ...

So there’s this guy. You’re totally into him, but you can seem to nail him down. Does he like you? Does he LIKE like you? Or is he just playing games? Here are the best ways to know for sure:

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He Always Calls at the Last Minute

If he calls and asks you to go out at the last minute, then you might not have been his first choice — someone else may have cancelled on him, so now he’s asking you. Why else would he call you at six o’clock on a Friday evening and ask if you want to go out that same night? A guy who wasn’t playing games wouldn’t dare wait until the last minute to ask you out on a Friday night!


He Never Wants to Go out

Does he ask you to come over, or want to come to your place, but never wants to actually go out anywhere? Then he might be hiding. If he’s seeing another girl, then he might be afraid to run into her or her friends if you go out.


He’s Always Sending Calls to Voicemail

If he constantly sends his calls to voicemail when you’re together, or he’s getting and ignoring a lot of text messages, he might be avoiding someone — like his girlfriend.


He Doesn’t Want You to Meet His Friends

A guy who is serious about you will want to introduce you to his friends and family, and will want to meet yours.


He Doesn’t Want You to Stay

If he never wants you to stay the night, or to stay at your place overnight, he might have somewhere else, or someone else, he needs to spend the night with. Like a wife or girlfriend.


He Freaks if You Leave Anything behind

If he does let you stay the night, but freaks out when you leave a bobby pin or an earring or a t-shirt, then he might be worried another girl will see those things. Otherwise, what guy would even notice if you left a hair pin behind?


He’s Hot and Cold

One day, he seems deeply in love, crazy about you, totally into you. The next time you see him, he’s standoffish and distant. This is a sure sign of a guy who is playing games with you.


The inconsistency in his behavior leaves you confused and second-guessing his feelings for you. If his warmth is fleeting and his coldness all too frequent, trust your instincts. A man genuinely interested in a relationship does not subject you to emotional whiplash. He could be keeping you on the back burner, just close enough to stay interested, but never fully committed. This emotional rollercoaster is neither fair nor healthy. You deserve consistency and a partner whose affection does not wax and wane with the changing tides.


He Won’t Call You His Girlfriend

If he won’t call you his girlfriend, or introduce you as his girlfriend, then he doesn’t see you as his girlfriend. He sees you as someone he’s casually dating, or as just a friend with benefits.


He Never Talks about the Future

If you can’t pin him down on plans for the holidays or spring break or even next weekend, then he probably doesn’t see you in his life for that long. Player! Time to move on!


He Doesn’t Share

You tell him everything, your hopes and dreams, your favorite color, EVERYTHING. But he won’t tell you anything! Is he mysterious, or a game-player? You guessed it. He’s probably playing games.

So annoying, right, ladies? I hate it when guys play games! But for every guy who’s a player, there’s another guy behind him who is courteous, gorgeous, AND into you! So move on!

How can you tell when a guy is playing games? What’s your sure-fire sign? Let me know, so I can add it to my list of things to look out for! Thanks!

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Tsk tsk, men can be such jerks.

Thanks again for a great post Jen. Some of these signs are pretty obvious. When you meet a person and by time you learn how he is, and then after some time he changes see to it to pay attention.. For me he will have something to hide for sure! Like - He never wants to go out! And at first you're always stuck with him! Pay attention girls! Really helpful tips!!

Great post as always Jennifer! Some of the points are really obvious ....like that one...when he doesn't want u to meet his friends.

If you catch him in the middle of a lie, then he's a player. I was "Dating" (if you can even call it that) this good looking older guy and one night as he was bringing me home I caught him texting someone named Leah. I called him out on it and asked who it was that he kept texting and he said Daniel. I asked him if Daniel was spelled L-E-A-H and he said what do you know her? I told him yes just to call his bluff and he asked me what her last name was. I knew her from highschool and told him her last name and he's like "No, she's a friend." Ladies if you catch them in a lie dump them. They're not worth it if they're dishonest.

another thing is when he never talks first, like you always have to or you's don't talk atall really.. but one night, instead of chasing after him, i stuck with friends..most of them being fellas. after a while he was hugging round me all night. i felt great, give it a try girlys ;)

I totally am experiencing number 7,8, and number 4. Totally am not into the guy because he's doing those mind games with me. I think I'm better off alone. He probably enjoys making me feel confused and like I'm not worth it. =(

Yeah I agree. Guys should be honest and not be that way, leading girls on and wasting their time if they don't love them. Xanny, you have very useful tips.

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