15 Secret Signs He's the Jealous Type ...


Jealousy, that green little monster, can be an evil thing. If you've noticed that the man in your life starts to act strange whenever you talk about the other people in your life or when you make plans that don't include him, it could be a sign that he's jealous. He's grown quite possessive of you and now, you are at your wits end with no idea how to deal with it. Here are 15 secret signs that prove he's the jealous type!

1. He Gets Angry Easily

Everything you do seems to make him angry. And most of the times, you don't think you've done anything wrong. It could be the simplest of things from spending a night partying with the girls or staying late at work. He doesn't give you a chance to explain or even talk for that matter and usually you find that a night of fun is followed by him screaming away and ends with amajor argument. A sure shot sign that he could be harboring feelings of jealousy.

Not Happy when You Talk about Someone