12 Tips on How to Create a Sexy Online Profile ...


12 Tips on How to Create a Sexy Online Profile ...
12 Tips on How to Create a Sexy Online Profile ...

So, you have decided that it is time to get into the groove and create your very own sexy online profile. I remember when I first did it. While doing this did not get me anywhere (I married the guy I went to school with), I have had friends and family members that met their soul mate online. I have nothing against meeting someone from the Internet, as I have done the same before. Below, I am going to give you 12 tips on how to create a sexy online profile.

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Honesty is Key

If you have signed up for a site that is offering questionnaires, don’t try to be someone that you are not. You need to answer all of those questions honestly. You do not want to answer them based on what the mate of your dreams would like, because they will eventually find out that you are not that person.


Short and Positive Summary

When you are creating the profile, it is important to create a short and positive summary of exactly who you are and why you have created a profile on the site. During this time, you do not want to write a big book on your broken heart or reveal yourself too much.


Interesting and Personal User Name

Believe it or not, you should pay attention to the user name you pick. It should be interesting, yet personal. As an example, if you enjoy gaming, then you could call yourself “GirlGamer” or something along those lines.


Your username is like your brand in the online world; it's the first hint at your personality that people will see. So make it memorable! If you're into astrology, a name like "MysticVenus" could be enticing. Remember, it's not just about being seen—it's about being remembered. Pick a user name that strikes a chord with potential suitors and reflects who you truly are. Say you're a fitness enthusiast, a name like "FitFatale" could blend both your passion and allure, letting matches know that you’re serious about your interests and about finding someone who shares them.


Make Your Profile Picture Flattering

The picture you post on your profile should be flattering. After all, the picture is the first thing that attracts a person to view your profile. I think you should have a professional or a good friend that has some skill with the camera take the picture of you.


In addition to having a flattering profile picture, it's important to also consider the background and lighting of the photo. A cluttered or unattractive background can take away from the focus on you. Natural lighting is always the most flattering, so try to take your photo outside or near a window. It's also important to avoid using filters or heavily editing your photo, as this can give a false representation of yourself. Remember, the goal is to show your true self and attract genuine interest from potential partners.


Avoid Posting Certain Pictures

When I tried out the online phenomenon, I noticed a lot of girls and guys posting pictures of themselves in a bar. Posting bar pictures is a big no-no. I also notice a lot of pictures where they cropped themselves out of a group. Again, avoid those type of pictures. You should also avoid those type where it looks like you used a cell phone to take a picture at arm's length.


Wear Clothes That Are Flattering

In the picture, it is obvious that you should wear clothes that are flattering. You should have your photograph taken in natural light, too. When you take indoor pictures, it can make your features look a bit distorted. It could also make you look older than you really are. When a person views your photographs taken in the sunlight, they will automatically think of happiness and youth.


High Resolution Picture

If you are taking your photograph with a regular digital camera, then you should make sure you have it on high resolution. You should also have your friend take the picture for you. No one wants to see a mirror shot of you in the bathroom. If you insist on taking the picture yourself, then at least experiment with the self-timer on your camera.


Take Vitamins

Along with vitamins, drink plenty of water. When you do this, your skin will photograph well. Even if you have a great figure, if your skin is poor, it can make the photo poor.


Don’t Wear Something You Normally Wouldn’t Wear

If you do not normally look like a prostitute standing on the street corner, then do not dress that way in your dating profile. Yes, this could lure people in, but it could also get the wrong attention. Look sexy, but classy as well. Not over-sexed and trashy. Does that make sense? If you work in an office, then take a photograph in some nice office clothes. A classy evening gown may also be quite flattering.


Be Creative

When you create your profile, you should make it stand out from the crowd – go that extra mile and let your own uniqueness and creativity shine through.


Tell the Truth

You should never lie. You need to be one hundred percent honest with the people viewing your profile. Sure, you do not have to tell them every fine detail, but if you do not like something, don’t say you do.


Be Yourself

Most of all, you should just be yourself. If you are a guy and you like playing video games, then tell everyone that. Believe it or not, there are some girls (like myself) out there that enjoy playing video games as well!

A sexy profile is an honest profile filled with creativity, style, high quality flattering pictures, and an interesting user name. The next time you try to create an online dating profile, you should follow my top 12 tips on how to create an online dating profile. Remember, you should make yourself stand out from everyone else. Have you thought about creating a profile? Did any of you ever have any luck with these profiles?

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I would go with number 8. I totally agree :)

All great points. The most true one is to be honest. no one likes a liar and they're bound to figure out the truth sooner or later. And double goes for the classy photos. Don't want to get an wrong ideas..

Like they always say: Honesty is the best policy. Maybe this policy will get you a date.

Haha number 8 is true, in my opinion. A classy photos always works. :)

I vote for onesty and to be your self. It's my motto for everything I do in life!

Totally agree with the honesty point. I mean if you are looking to date someone, you will have to end up meeting him in person and getting to know him. And like Amy said, he will figure out the truth sooner or later. So you're better off not lying in the first place :)

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