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12 Tips on How to Date Rich Men ...

By Jennifer

Does any woman ever set out to date a poor man? Of course not! We don’t necessarily want to date a man JUST for his bank account, but we don’t want to pay for dinner and movies and concerts all the time, either. So here’s how to land a man with money.

1 Talk the Talk

People with money are typically well-educated and prefer to socialize with other well-educated people. Keep up on current events so you will be able to hold an intelligent conversation.

2 Look the Part

No-one, not even poor men, wants to be seen with a girl whose roots are an inch long and whose nails are a wreck. So pay attention to your physical appearance. If you can’t afford a weekly manicure, give yourself one at home.

3 Watch Your Wardrobe

Your man, and the other women in his circle, will almost definitely be paying attention to what you wear. Don’t wear anything too revealing or sexy, and invest in a few classic pieces.

4 Details Matter

It’s not just the clothes, it’s the accessories. A pretty scarf, a rich pair of boots, a set of creamy pearls. Take care to accessorize properly, and don’t skimp on the details.

5 Don’t Go Crazy with the Make-up

You’ll notice that women with money don’t cake on the cheap make-up, and they take care of their skin, meaning no excessive tanning.

6 Classy is Better than Trampy

Sure, some wealthy men like to surround themselves with ex-strippers, but they wouldn’t dream of dating them seriously. If you want a man with money for the long haul, choose classy over trampy.

7 Know the Code

When your man takes you out, know the dress code for the place or event he’s taking you to. It’s always better to be a little over-dressed rather than under-dressed.

8 Be a Lady

A wealthy male friend of mine often lamented the unladylike behavior of his dates in public. Keep the overt displays of affection private. Be as uninhibited as you want behind closed doors, but be a lady in public.

9 Know the Score

Is your man actually wealthy, or does he just live like he is? You would want to avoid the inevitable crash of dating a man who spends more money than he earns.

10 Watch Your Posture

This may sound ridiculous, but do not, ever, slouch. Always sit up straight. Slouching makes you look slovenly and cheap. Also, don’t chew gum. It’s messy and again, unladylike.

11 Don’t Pretend

Don’t ever pretend to be anything other than who you are. Don’t lie. And more than anything, don’t ever let yourself feel bought.

12 Choose the Right One

Wealthy men have all kinds of tastes and lifestyles. If you like to travel, then don’t date someone who’s a wealthy homebody, If you’re into sports, don’t date someone who prefers the theater. No matter how much money he has, you’ll never be happy with a man who bores you.

Looking back over this list, I’ve realized these tips aren’t bad for dating any man, no matter how much or how little money he has. Do you have any tips on how to find and date a man with money? Please share!

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