20 Tips on How to Tell if a Guy Likes You without Asking ...


20 Tips on How to Tell if a Guy Likes You without Asking ...
20 Tips on How to Tell if a Guy Likes You without Asking ...

How do you know if a guy is interested in you? Just because he hasn’t said those three little words doesn’t mean he isn’t crazy about you, but how can you tell without risking embarrassment of asking? Here are my telltale signs he likes you...

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clothing,footwear,fashion,spring,gentleman, You catch him looking at you, whatever you are doing.


He always seems to be around when you're in the same room. He looks at you with a certain intensity in his eyes, like he's trying to figure out what you're thinking. He often smiles when you make eye contact, and he always seems to be interested in what you have to say. He may even blush when you talk to him. He may try to make physical contact with you, like brushing past you or touching your arm when he's talking to you.

He may also try to find ways to be around you, like asking to hang out with you or joining the same activities you do. He may even try to get your attention by doing things like complimenting you or making small jokes. He may also try to find out more about you by asking questions or talking about your interests.

When you're not around, he may ask your friends or family about you, or he may bring up topics that you've discussed in the past. He may also try to keep up with you on social media. He may even try to find out more about you by doing things like searching for your name online or looking you up on social media.



clothing,denim,jeans,outerwear,spring, You catch a glimpse of hurt when you talk to him about a hot man you met last night, or Brad Pitt. Double score if he then talks about a hot woman.


Just Saying Hi

clothing,person,man,male,gentleman, He calls and texts you even when he is out with his friends. You know he’ll be getting grief for this, so it’s a sure sign that he likes you.


You're Invited

white,blue,clothing,footwear,snapshot, He talks about festivals or gigs he wants to go too, and waits for you to say you’ll go with him. Double points if he actually invites you, especially if they are later on in the year. Making plans with you is a big hint.


Getting Personal

clothing,leather,fashion,model,photo shoot, He knows your birthday, and where you live, off the top of his head. Double points if he knows your dress size.

Famous Quotes

To give oneself earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.


Thinking of You

clothing,footwear,leather,street,boot, He texts you randomly. Messages that have no purpose show that he is thinking about you, which is always a good sign.


When he sends those little, seemingly insignificant messages, it might just be a casual way to keep the conversation going, but it's also a hint that you're on his mind even when there's no pressing issue to talk about. It's the digital equivalent of a gentle nudge or a warm smile across the room—a subtle yet clear signal that he values your connection. Whether it's a meme that he thinks will make you laugh or a simple "how's your day?"—these small gestures indicate he cares enough to make an effort throughout his day to reach out.


Pays Attention

person,sitting,human positions,conversation,NII, He listens to your compliments. Maybe he wears the shirt you like more, or he left his hair longer because you like it better like that?


He's not just nodding along; his focus is on you. When you share stories or opinions, you might catch him leaning in, a subtle sign of his interest. His response is more than just a polite acknowledgment—he asks follow-up questions, relates your experiences to his own, and remembers those small details you mentioned in passing. It's as if he's bookmarking parts of your conversations, eager to continue where you left off. This attentive behavior is his way of showing he values your thoughts and enjoys being your confidant.


All about You

person,clothing,red,woman,photography, He doesn’t notice when pretty girls walk past. While this doesn’t tend to last, it’s a good sign for now.



clothing,footwear,fashion,supermodel,photo shoot, When you go out, he pays an interest in where, whose going and what you’ll be wearing. He might try and make himself sound bored, but really he’s seeing if you’ll be dressing up for (hot) Tom from Marketing.

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Sweet and Understanding

fashion,hairstyle,formal wear,龜黎む, He understands your mood swings, and doesn’t hold them against you. Double marks if he brings you a hot water bottle, or chocolate.


Memory Game

photo shoot, He remembers your friend’s names, and tries to remember all the gossip you share with him.


Just Because

spring,fashion,photo shoot,model, He buys you flowers, or a coffee, or anything, just because.


Sometimes it isn't about a special occasion or a grand gesture. It's the little things that sparkle through the routine of daily life – when he picks up your favorite snack on the way to see you, or texts you a song that reminds him of you. These are the moments that signal something deeper; a thoughtfulness and an intuitive understanding of what brings a smile to your face. It's him being tuned in to the subtle details that make you unique, and that's a sweet sign he's truly into you.


Thoughtful Gifts

flower,flower arranging,flower bouquet,plant,floristry, He buys you a birthday present that you actually like, not just the default maltesers.



clothing,fashion,supermodel,model,photo shoot, He compliments you.


When a guy is into you, he'll often find ways to compliment you, whether it's about your appearance, your intelligence, or your sense of humor. It’s his subtle way of showing that he appreciates you and pays attention to the details that make you unique. Note the sincerity in his voice; genuine compliments come from someone who truly values your qualities. And if his words make you feel special and seen, it's a signal that he’s not just being polite—he's interested.


Touchy Touchy

dress,leg,fashion,photo shoot,model, He’s not afraid to touch you. Whether it’s a cuddle when you’re feeling down, or just touching your hand or arms while you’re talking, he’s showing you a big sign.


Physical contact is a way many express affection and connection. If he's seeking opportunities to be close to you, brushing against you in passing, or playfully poking you as part of a joke, his body language is speaking volumes. This tactile behavior indicates comfort and a desire to be nearer to you. It’s as though each touch is a wordless communication saying, “I want to be close to you,” and it can be a very telling sign of his growing interest and attraction.


Right by Your Side

wedding dress,clothing,gown,dress,bridal clothing, He cancels his plans for you. Arranging after work drinks? Suddenly his meetings been rescheduled, and he’s there by your side.


Up for Anything

clothing,person,human positions,lady,sitting, He is willing to do girly things with you. Double points if you can make him sit through Sex in the City.


Exposes Himself

hair,beauty,hairstyle,fashion,model, He talks about his family. Men are fierce protectors, and he’s exposing himself to you.


When a man starts sharing details about his loved ones, it signifies a deep level of trust. He considers you important enough to let you into his personal circle, showing that you occupy a special place in his heart. By telling you about his parents, siblings, or even the quirkiness of his family traditions, he's bridging the gap between acquaintance and confidante. Be attentive and acknowledge this; it's his subtle way of saying you mean more to him than just casual conversation.


Flying Solo

photograph,person,woman,photography,beauty, He stays single, despite Gemma from Admins advances...


What's His is Yours

photo shoot,interaction,kiss,romance,gentleman, He lets you borrow his stuff, like a stapler, or his meeting room, or his spare toothbrush...

So give him a mark out of 20, and see how high he scores. If it’s over 15, try some mild flirting to test the water. If it’s fewer than 10, try to include him in your life more, from talking at work to going to the pub. Spending time together will increase his chances to impress you!

Have you got a sure-fire way to tell if he’s into you? Please tell me!

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I once fell really hard for my guy friend. then I tried so hard to find out his feelings. I even got my friends to 'help'. they found out, and went to his side. I later found out that he liked me but didn't want to date me.🔽😅😪😪😓


I know this guy and I really like him but he likes another girl and he doesn't know I like him but my friend added him online aswell and she was chatting to him and when she mentioned me he said. I was.sound but we have only ever said hi to each other but I seriously think of him 24/7 im really confused , please. Tell me what to do by Tue way im only 14

i met this guy in a party and he asked me to dance and everybody was saying he really wanted to dance with me and all his friends were clapping once we did dance. then he asked my friend for my number and we've been texting ever since. hes an amazing guy and a good friend and hes really sweet/ once in awhile he would call me but we mostly text. hes been texting me first for like the past 2 months because i feel like i annoy him so i don't text him first anymore.. and when we would go weeks without texting he would be the one to text me first.. and when we talk on the phone he always talks about chicks and like i don't know what to think,. People say he likes me but i don't think so. What do you think?

Hi I would like to know if this guy likes me... We text each other many days and we talk a lot but sometimes we have little flirty moments and he asked me if I liked anyone but I said no because I'm shy! Please tell me! Thanks

okay theres this guy in my class that i really.. like..? i guess. ive been dreaming of him every single day for the past.. 4 days. i think i will again today. i felt amazingly awesome in my dreams.. he actually loved me in them. but not in reality... we're just friends. not even good friends yet. sometimes i rly think that he likes me bcuz of most of the "tips" mentioned in the article. and also almost EVERYONE that knows us think that we're couples. but the thing is.. hes the kinda guy thats just nice to EVERYONE. he makes me feel special but STILL! maybe im just one of his "toys". cuz hes been like this to my best friend too.. after they had this huge fight he turned to me and started being really nice to me. he can ditch his friends for me and stay alone with me everyday after school and stuff.. im really confused. okay back to the dreams. before the dreams i thought i didnt like him that much and sometimes (rarely) i just stop liking him. but after the dreams i realize how much i miss him! and this is not the first time ive dreamt of him. he havent talked to me in 9 days straight! he used to talk to me everyday. he starts the chat all the time. wut happened now? i dun think he was online for the 9 days anyway but still.. :( sorry for making this super long but I REALLY REALLY DO NEED HELP!!!

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