7 Ways to Know a Guy Likes You ...


We’ve all heard that old saying men are from Mars and women are from Venus, we’ve seen the books and the magazine articles about how the different genders show their affection in different ways but in the middle of the battlefield we call dating it’s hard to remember the 90 different cues we’re supposed to get from body language. I say forget all of that, forget all the things you’ve read because these are the 7 ways to know that your guy likes you.

1. He Makes Contact at Random Times

He Makes Contact at Random Times

Photo Credit: ~*Evil Pea*~

Contact can be anything from a 3 minute phone call to see how your day was to a text message saying hey. If he’s contacting you without you having to make the first move that means you’re on his mind. It may seem like something small but even the smallest things make a world of difference.

He Makes Plans and Sticks to Them
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