7 Ways to Know a Guy Likes You ...


7 Ways to Know a Guy Likes You ...
7 Ways to Know a Guy Likes You ...

We’ve all heard that old saying men are from Mars and women are from Venus, we’ve seen the books and the magazine articles about how the different genders show their affection in different ways but in the middle of the battlefield we call dating it’s hard to remember the 90 different cues we’re supposed to get from body language. I say forget all of that, forget all the things you’ve read because these are the 7 ways to know that your guy likes you.

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He Makes Contact at Random Times

He Makes Contact at Random Times Photo Credit: ~*Evil Pea*~

Contact can be anything from a 3 minute phone call to see how your day was to a text message saying hey. If he’s contacting you without you having to make the first move that means you’re on his mind. It may seem like something small but even the smallest things make a world of difference.


He Makes Plans and Sticks to Them

He Makes Plans and Sticks to Them Photo Credit: {SNS Photography}

Now ladies, this does not mean that every guy that plans to meet you to drop off books or notes or a scarf you left somewhere likes you. It simply means that if a guy asks you on a date and sets a specific time and day, not just a vague idea, he wants to see you. If he does it more than twice that’s a pretty clear indication that he wants to spend time with you.


He Introduces You to the Important People in His Life

He Introduces You to the Important People in His Life Photo Credit: megan.johnston23

If your guy is going out of his way to introduce you to his friends and family he thinks you’re important enough to get to know the people that are concrete facets in his life. A man that’s not interested won’t care enough to bring you around people that he has to see everyday.


His Friends Playfully Jab at Him when You’re around

His Friends Playfully Jab at Him when You’re around Photo Credit: Shinda-chan

Let’s say you decide to join your man and his friends for a game of cards and a beer. Do you notice that his friends are making a few little jabs that make your guy blush a little? Chances are, he’s told them about you and they’re teasing him. This is a good sign, that means he likes you enough to talk about you to them. Just make sure the comments aren’t mean spirited or directed towards you.


He Gives You Genuine Compliments

He Gives You Genuine Compliments Photo Credit: marymae;)

There’s something so sweet about a guy that can make you smile just by telling you that you have beautiful eyes. We can tell when a guy is just spitting game to get in our pants, and when it’s genuine.. you better watch out, you might just swoon. It’s all about the delivery and if it’s the real deal then you need to watch out, your guy might just be getting serious!


He’s Enthusiastic about Seeing or Speaking to You

He’s Enthusiastic about Seeing or Speaking to You Photo Credit: * Jojo *

When your guy sees you does he just seem to light up? Does he respond quickly when you text or jump at the chance to see you? These are all pretty clear signs that he likes you. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t want to see you, it’s as simple as that!


He Tells You

He Tells You Photo Credit: * Jojo *

Most men aren’t creatures of words but if he tells you he likes you, chances are he’s not pulling your leg. That simple statement not matter what the means of delivery are, is a pretty sure way to know that your guy likes you, he wouldn’t say it if he didn’t.

Well ladies, I hope I’ve moved you out of the mounds of body language books and back into real life with your fellas where you belong! Just keep in mind, if you feel like he likes you, you’re probably right. And if he likes you and you like him, you should go for it! Any other sure fire signs I should look out for ladies? Let me know down below!

Top Photo Credit: nicole.amberr

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I really need help! I like this guy at school, one of my guy friends to be exact. I've know him for a few months now and I talk to him a lot. It always makes me feel better, because he always makes me laugh and I just feel open around him. When we are walking to class he tries to catch up to me, and during the one class we have together, he tries to make me laugh. He teases me a lot, like when I don't know he is there, he will tap my shoulder or snap in my ear, and once even through a ball at me during gym when the girl were leaving. Last Friday, I could see him out of the corner of my eye and when he caught my attention he would smile at me. I haven't been introduced to most of his friends, through, and I don't have his number so he can't randomly talk to me. My friend says he likes me, or she thinks he does, but he has told her he didn't, and admitted to my other friend some time back he knew I like him. My cousin said he probably didn't tell my best friend I liked him because he knew it would get back to me. What do you think? Please help, I really like him!

How do I act if the boy I asked out says yes to me? I need to know before tomorrow as he is giving me the answer tomorrow! So please help me lovely people with great advice and help! Love you all! xoxox - Seriously!! Pleaaaaasseeee help Denise!!! <3 xox

@Ally and boys don't like it to be awkward, just be like your self when u are dating him

i am so confused about love

i need to know quickly

Well I Have This Guy Friend. That I met from this leadership program, I did Over The Summer, And When We First Met I Asked What Was His Name And Then He Asked Me Mine.And He's Like Nice To Meet You.I've Only Known Him For 2 days Then.And He Is Kinda Shy ,But At Most Points He Looks At Me,Then Looks Away.And Then When We Were Playing A Card Game With Our Friends.He Was Always Laughing For Wat I Did And He Smiled Alot And Made Some Eye Contact Like He Was really Paying Attention To me.He Even Let Me Borrow His Jacket When I Was Cold.And A Napkin When We Were Eating Dinner Together And He Sat By Me.So On The Last Day I Wanted To Get All Of My Friends Numbers That I Met Especially His.And I Asked Him For His And He Didn't Stubble At All And Gave Me it.And Then When I Came Up To His Table To Ask Other His other friends There Number He Seemed Kinda Sad Or Something. So Then I Texted Random People So They'll Have My Number.And He Was The First One To Reply That Day.The Rest Of The Guys Replied The Next Day, Or Didn't Reply At All.And He Really Seemed To Want To Talk To Me.And Excited.And We Texted For A Long Time. So I Really Like Him,And I Even Told Him I Liked Him,And I Asked Him If He Had Some Feelings For Me Because He Said He Wants To Have A Relaxed Summer And He Doesn't Know If He Likes Anyone Cuz he thinks of His Ex Alot Which Was His Only Gf.So He Said He Does have Some Feelings For me.So I Told Him I Told Allen That He Should Throw A Party And Invite Everyone from The Program And He Thought It Would Be Cool,and I Asked If he Ever Liked To Hang Out Just Us Anmd hes lIke Ya Of Course! So We Kinda Planned To Hang Out Next Week But Idk When Or Where yet And it Might be With A Few Friends Too.So Hes Not really Making Alot Of Big Moves.But Ik He Might have Feelings for me. Which Im Hoping He Will.But I Still Have My Doubts On What If He Only Will Like Me As A Friend.And Not Want To Be My Bf Cuz We Live Far From Eachother.So idk How It Will Work.But I Really Like Him, Plz Help!

I think a guy who likes you will go out of his way to do things for you, sometimes without you even asking (or knowing!). A guy that I liked (and I felt like he liked me too) had made plans with me to go to the gym around 4 the next day. So 4 o'clock comes around and of course I was anticipating the call while on facebook to see if he was going to call or message me. A few minutes later I heard a knock on my door, my roommate answered it and when I saw it was him, the look on my face was just confused and a little shocked. He said his phone had died so he decided to go find me at my dorm instead. He had lived in the same dorm last year and I had told him sometime that I was in the hallway above the one he was in, so he tailgated into my residence hall, went upstairs, and checked all the nametags trying to find me. And yes, I thought it was creepy but still very sweet. He had left his bike on campus and walked to my dorm so we could walk to the gym together. That pretty much confirmed that he liked me (yay!).We dated for a short while but broke up and don't talk anymore. I still miss that sweet side of him.

there are two boys i like and both are my friends.How do i know which to ask out?

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