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7 Ways to Make a Guy Notice You in School ...

By Cherith

OK, so you know that really hot guy you've been crushing on since 8th grade who doesn't even remember your name? Well, he's about to get the shock of his life! With these tried and true pointers, he's not only going to notice you but he's going to wonder where you've been all his life! Read on......

1 Make an Impression

Make an Impression Photo Credit: aliaydogmus35

It goes without saying- first impressions always stick around. While they may not necessarily be the last impression, they certainly do have an impact on how people tend to view you. So make the best impression that you can, and you're on your way to success!

2 Dress Nicely

Dress Nicely Photo Credit: Holland Fabric House

May I take a moment here to point out that a lot of teen girls these days dress in either one of 3 categories and that's sloppy, slutty, or waaaay to mature for there age. Make sure you don't fall into any of these! There are better ways to grab a guys attention than showing everything your mama gave you and you can be classy without looking like you are 30. And dressing like you don't care will make you practically invisible.

3 Get to Know His Friends

Get to Know His Friends Photo Credit: Silent Resilience

I know that sometimes when you like a guy it feel obvious or even awkward to just walk up to him and start chatting it up. But you can do that with his friends right? Make it a point to talk with them more often and maybe a hang out a little bit, chances are they will talk about you more to your crush and you may get your foot in the door!

4 Figure out WHY You like Him

Figure out WHY You like Him Photo Credit: xdesx

Is it his talent? His sense of humor? His take-charge attitude? Cue in on his good qualities and the things he prides himself on, and then make it a point to comment on those character traits and bring them up to him. Men like it when we smooth their ego and what better way to get a guy to notice you than to make him notice that you notice the good stuff about him, right?

5 Pick up One of His Hobbies

Pick up One of His Hobbies Photo Credit: Michael Haslam

So what if it wouldn't be your first choice? You never know until you try it right? Plus, if he loves volleyball and you join the team, it will give you a great excuse to be around him more and it will give you two something to discuss when you have conversations.

6 Ask Him to Help You

Ask Him to Help You Photo Credit: StevenBrisson

So men love to be needed. It's a male thing. Ask him to help you carry something that is heavy or to help tutor you in math. And if you let him know that you appreciate his assistance by baking him cookies as a special thank you, that will really earn you bonus points!

7 Flash Those Pearly Whites

Flash Those Pearly Whites Photo Credit: Thai Jasmine (Take good care :-))

A smile makes any face radiant. Confidence is the number one beauty secret any young girl could possess. So use it often and in large doses! Smile at everyone, not just him. You don't want to seem fake or shallow. Be genuinely happy and confident, and every guy will notice you!

Your teenage years are undoubtedly the best phase in your life! Don't spend every second of each new day worrying if that guy will notice you today. If you've tried it all and nothing works, be encouraged! Enjoy your life here and now and your moment will come soon enough!

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