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7 Ways to Become Popular in a New School ...

By Cherith

Being cool in a new school can be intimidating at best. It takes a lot of grace, confidence and a good smile to pull it off. If you're attending a new school, follow these 7 steps to help raise your popularity, while steering clear of the title of "snob"

1 Be Friendly

Toward everyone, that is. Don't go in, select the popular group, and ignore everyone else. Have one of the first people you meet to show you around and help you get to know everyone.

2 Talk, but Don't Overdo It

Go ahead and socialize, make your rounds. But whatever you do, don't over-talk it. Pay attention to the person you're talking to. If they are into your conversation, continue on. If, however, they are attempting to get away, or doing the old "texting a friend" trick, you'd better back off. After all, you don't want to be known as the "Annoying locker girl"

3 Don't Be Desperate

If you come off as being desperate and needed, you will be less liked. They need to know that you're confident, and comfortable with being yourself. Don't follow people around all the time, and ask to sit with them all the time. Make your rounds, and let them invite you in. Start with an occasional "Hi" in the hallway - and let the rest fall into place.

4 Get Involved

Be yourself, but also, choose a club that you will like. For instance, say choir isn't "popular" but you love to sing. Look into Theater and try out for a musical. Who knows, once you're popular, maybe you can start your own club, and make it all about singing! After all, isn't that what the group "Straight No Chaser" done?

5 Facebook!

Add the new friends you have made to your list on Facebook. Post pictures of you and "your new school" and let them know that you're happy to be there. You can talk about your past school and friends, and even introduce some to each other, but don't obsess over old friends. Let your new friends know you are glad you got acquainted.

6 Laugh at Yourself

Nothing shows confidence more than being able to laugh at your own mistakes. Making a mistake is human, and it shows great character that you can admit to making mistakes and laugh your way through them.

7 Be Active

Join a school sport you're good at - not the one "most popular" If you're not good at cheerleading, who cares! Join the girl's basketball team!

Being popular is something we all want in school, but being popular doesn't mean we have to snub the un-popular kids. Be a friend to everyone, and who knows, you could be the future homecoming queen! What do you do to make friends and be popular?

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