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7 Annoying People in Your College Classroom ...

By Lyndsie

When you get to college, it's a new and exciting experience – but it can also be … well, let's put it this way. When you're surrounded by a bunch of young adults who are getting their first taste of independence and freedom, and may be trying to shed the skins of their high school personalities while they come into new ones on their own, things can get really interesting. Professors don't have the same hold over their students as high school teachers, so everyone's personality is really allowed to shine. That's a great thing! But I bet you anything you can find 7 annoying people in your college classroom. Take a look!

1 The Overachieving Coed

This kid knows every answer, all the time, no matter what the class, question, or subject – and isn't always required to be called on by the professor before shouting it out. You get used to seeing his or her hand waving in the air all the same, and sometimes find yourself blurting out answers yourself, just so you can get a word in edgewise!

2 The Easy a Coed

This kid is the opposite of an overachiever. You discover this when you get stuck in a group project with him. He doesn't work with the group, he never shows up for your group dates, and yet, after you and the rest of the team have worked your butts off, he still gets the same A! Without doing anything! You often find yourself glaring at this kid from behind your text book and hope and pray that you won't have to work with him ever again.

3 The Clueless Questioning Coed

You know this kid. She never pays attention. To anything. So, when the rest of the class is ready to move on, she starts lackadaisically asking all the same questions the professor just explained in his lecture – and she does it every time the class meets! While the rest of you were busy scribbling notes and getting answers, she must have been plotting about how to get out of doing any work for the period.

4 The Starving Coed

College kids are hungry and busy. They have to eat when they can, and yeah, that sometimes means bringing some Pop Tarts or something to class. But this kid brings food to every class meeting. And he's not quiet about it, either. He crinkles his chip bag, crunches his chips, slurps his drink, touches papers with greasy fingers, and worst of all? He never even offers to share! Not even one cookie!

5 The Sniffling Coed

At college, when you're living in close proximity to thousands of other students, getting sick is inevitable. The paces of college classes are so fast that it is also hard to miss any days. However, this kid is perpetually sick. She comes to class with a runny nose and fevered cheeks, and spends the entire hour and fifteen minutes spreading germs around, so by the next week, oh hell, you're coming down with it too!

6 The Smelly Coed

Now, I'm not necessarily talking about the coed who has an aversion to the public showers, although that's an annoying classmate as well. Here I mean the student who wears way too much perfume or cologne – all day, every day, every class, and you usually end up sitting downwind of the waft. Pretty soon there's a circle of empty seats around this kid, and he still doesn't realize everyone's avoiding him because he smells like he took a bath in Axe.

7 The Clowning Coed

In college, the class clown is necessary comic relief – but man, can he get annoying. He's not restricted like he was in high school, so for the first semester or two, he goes nuts in the classroom. Pranks, outlandish jokes, obnoxious behavior: he's funny some of the time, but the rest of the time, you just wish the professor would send him to the principal or something. Then you remember there's no longer a principal and sort of wish you were back in high school.

Still, experiencing all those different personalities is one of the funnest things about college. Discovering your own is a blast as well. What did you learn about yourself your first couple of semesters in college? And who was the coed you just could not stand?

Top Photo Credit: Regent's College London

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