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College is supposed to be a fun time. In a way, it’s the calm before the storm of real life. At least that’s what the movies make us think. It’s really not. College can be a fun time, but to balance that fun, it is also a stress filled time in your life, as well. The reason it becomes so stressful at time is largely due to the following college classes you love to hate.

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Foreign Language

Unless you’re a foreign language major or you anticipate going into a field where you will have to be fluent, there is absolutely no reason why you would ever need this course. It’s ridiculous that so many majors require multiple semesters of it. That’s like getting a job at a car parts factory and having to take a training course in cleaning teeth.



Ugh… I hate stats so much. There will never be a time in my life where I will need to learn how to compute statistical percentages long hand. Unless the sky falls and I find myself in a post apocalyptic wasteland, I will ALWAYS have a computer, and in that case I will have much bigger problems than figuring statistics. This is definitely a college class you love to hate. Double ugh!


WR Courses

Courses that require you to write things that you don’t care about are really hard to grasp. There is no reason to write a ten-page essay on the effects of the Magic Bullet Theory or anything else of that nature. If you can’t write well enough to express yourself by college age, you should think back to your high school at what you creative writing teacher taught you.


Classes with Professors Who Take Themselves Way Too Seriously

We’ve all had a professor like this. Ok pal, you wrote the textbook… that’s great. Without your knowledge, there wouldn’t be any college classes for those of who are trying to further our studies. Seriously, though. Be humble professors, and your students will respect you so much more for that.



Like foreign language, this is another class that not everyone needs. I realize that you only need a basic introductory class, but let’s face it. Do you really remember that endless vocabulary list even the next semester? Unless you’re going into that field, you know everything about biology that you need to know from an early age. Those are the essentials, and once past that, it makes a college class you love to hate.


Anything Scheduled before 11 a.m

Early classes ruin lives. College students commonly stay up half of the night studying, partying, and hanging out, so early classes are easy to fail. Getting up at 8 a.m. three days a week to hear lectures on the state of government and politics in this country is just too heavy for breakfast time. During that time, we need to be fast asleep preparing for classes that have a more appropriate time slot.


Classes outside of Your Major

Everyone has to take the basic, but the basics can become one of the college classes you love to hate. Do we really need ALL of these basic courses? Weren’t the previous twelve years of school supposed to teach us the basics? Why can’t we just go straight into the courses that make up our major so that we can get out onto the job market and start making real money sooner? Someone needs to address that badly!

College classes you love to hate can make learning hard and college life tedious. For every great college class there are a few that really grind your gears. What were yours?

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omg my class is before 11 am tomorrow guess I should get drunk tonight so I can complain about poor time management! Please, the real world is not going to hold your hand and your boss will not be impressed if you are half a sleep for work because of what ever excuse you come up with. If you are going to stay up late fine, learn how to fake being awake or be better at sleeping in class. ( personally I can rest and listen to lectures fully understanding them) And seriously don't you get to pick the classes you take? I thought that was the whole thing with University was that you can make your own schedule. My technical school everyday but Monday starts at 8:15. Monday starts at 9:15.

Everything about this post is absolutely 100% true!!!

all my classes are before 11 am :'(

I agree with all of these except one to a point. Learning a foreign language does have its uses. I concur that needing to be fluent is not neccesary but not being open to any language other than your own, which is actually very common amongst both Americans and the British, is actually both arrogant and xenophobic. Not everyone in the world speaks English and no single city in the world is now purely inhabited by people of the same culture. Learning another language isn't just about conjugating verbs, it should be opening your minds to other cultures. Just look around your neighbourhood. How many Spanish speakers are there? how many from the Indian sub-continent? How much easier would it be to converse with your Mexican maid or Filipino taxi driver or the dispenser at your local drug store be if you could even speak a few words of their langauge?

i very hate biology class, better study math than the bilology

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