7 Things You Wish You Did in School


Most of us tend to get nostalgic when we think of our school days. Those days, according to all of us, were days of innocence and care-free life. Most of our nostalgia is also tinged with a little bit of regret. There are always things we wish we had done when we were children. Here is my list of 7 things you wish you did in school.

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Made More Friends

Of course, there is no shortage of friends in a world of Facebook and other social media networks. But, there is a different quality attached to friends we made in our childhood during our school days. When you look back, you are likely to find that you spent most of your time with 2-3 select friends and did not make as many friends as you could have.


Played Outdoors More

Every school gives its students to play and exercise outdoors and develop a healthy body along with a healthy mind. However, many of us dreaded those classes and didn’t really try and make the most of it. We certainly missed out on all the enjoyment we could have had playing outdoors.


Involvement in Sports

Schools also encourage sports and athletic activities. Those who got involved in these activities tend to live fitter and healthier lives throughout their childhood. If you are not as fit or healthy as you would like to be, sports is certainly one of the things you wish you did in school.


Paid More Attention to Classes

We all like to believe that those algebra classes have nothing to do with our adult lives and we would be wrong. Different types of studies are introduced to inculcate different types of thinking. Even if math is not a part of your daily job, paying attention in your math classes would have helped you develop analytical thinking.


Been More Focused

It is too early to realize in school how important our grades can be. When we miss out on job opportunities due to bad grades, we sure wish that we had been more focused on our studies when we were in school.


Been More Respectful

As adults, we realize how much hard work and dedication teachers put into their jobs. Most of them are not compensated anywhere close to enough for the work that they put in. Showing more respect to our teachers is definitely one of the things you wish you did in school.


Ate Healthily

Many of our health problems stem from bad eating habits from our childhoods. For those of us who suffer problems with eating habits, we certainly wish that we had eaten more healthily in school.

This list of 7 things you wish you did in school is not a complete list and it cannot be. Such regrets are deeply personal and subjective and difficult to quantify or enumerate. However, these are some of the most common regrets I have come across.

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I did all those thinngs ;) and i still do in university

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