7 Benefits of Going Back to Education ...


7 Benefits of Going Back to Education ...
7 Benefits of Going Back to Education ...

I often think that in a way, the teenage years is the wrong time to be studying, as it seems boring and something that is forced on us. On the other hand, when you are older and need to work, is the time when you wish that you could return to studying! Still, with home study, grants and flexible courses, there are many opportunities to return to education. It’s never too late! Plus there are many benefits …

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Career Choice

In the past, most people stayed in the same job for life, but those days are gone. Owing to factors such as job insecurity and dissatisfaction, it is not uncommon for someone to change jobs several times, or even change career totally. For a career change, you are likely to need appropriate qualifications, so going back to college can bring you the career you always wanted, or one that you’ve now developed an interest in.


Sense of Achievement

Obviously this depends on having the finances to fund it – not everyone can afford to study for enjoyment alone – but being a mature student can bring a great sense of satisfaction. Just ask the people in their seventies, eighties or even nineties who gain degrees! It can also boost your self-esteem if you never thought you were capable of study.


Second Chance

University is seen as a time in your life when you are free of responsibilities and can live it up. The truth is that many students feel socially awkward and may find it difficult to cope with the course and financial pressures. If you dropped out, or couldn’t afford to study, there is always another opportunity if you want it enough. It’s never too late to study.



Since there is now so much competition for jobs, anything that you can do to enhance your prospects is worth adding to your CV. Of course, the subject will need to be chosen carefully, so that it is likely to be of use in your search for employment. There’s no use in studying random courses that are irrelevant, as you’ll have spent money for nothing. Opt for a subject that will help in a specific or general way.


Brain Exercise

When they say ‘Use it or lose it’, this is as much true of the brain as it is of the body. Yet how often do we think of exercising our brain? The mind also needs stretching, and going back to college or university, whether part- or full-time, can give our mental facilities a good workout.



If you’re feeling that life is getting a bit stale and you’re in need of a challenge, then returning to study can be a great way of bringing something new into your life. Not only will you improve your career prospects, but studying is not easy, so when you master a new subject and gain a qualification, it will give you a great sense of achievement.


For You

It’s true that studying isn’t for everyone, but if it’s something that you want to do then you should try to find a way to achieve it. If you’ve got small children, for example, you can easily start to feel that you are seen as nothing other than somebody’s mother. Going back to education, even if it’s just part-time or a weekly class, allows you to have some time to yourself and do something that’s just for you, which is very important.

Have you studied as a mature student, or would you like to, and what subject would you pick?

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