7 Reasons Not to Drop out of School ...


7 Reasons Not to Drop out of School ...
7 Reasons Not to Drop out of School ...

I understand that there are some reason to drop out of school and you feel as if you are the only one going through those problems. However, we’re not focusing on those reasons, what we are going to focus on is 7 reasons not to drop out of school. At the end of this post, if you feel that you need to post your reasons to drop out of school, then feel free to do so and I will completely understand. Trust me…

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Future Jobs

Future Jobs Photo Credit: SBA73

While getting a job as a janitor, housekeeper or cashier does not require a high school education, in many cases, you will not be able to be a doctor, veterinarian or any of that stuff you may want to be. If you have a dream of being a doctor, then you should stay in school. However, if you feel that you can manage all of your bills and be happy with being a janitor or whatever type of job you have in mind that does not require a diploma, then have at it. Sometimes, graduating isn’t for everyone.


You do Not Get to Enjoy Those Teenage Years

You do Not Get to Enjoy Those Teenage Years Photo Credit: rosiehardy

Surely, you know what I am talking about and chances are, you have experienced a taste of it by going to 9th grade. The whole scenario of high school is something you will miss. When you drop out of school, what do you plan on doing? Do you plan on sitting in your parents basement sleeping until 4 pm? Or do you plan on working? Either way, you will miss out on those teenage years. You will grow up to quick. Chill out and before you know it, those boring classes will be over and it will be time to officially step out into the real world!


You Will Not Get to Go to Prom

You Will Not Get to Go to Prom Photo Credit: [ r ♥ c e y t ♥ y ] {I br♥ke for bokeh}

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes, some people don’t enjoy going to proms. Let me let you in on a secret, I never went to a prom. I really didn’t. Do you know what I did? I worked. Do I have any regrets? No, because I always think things over before I act. If you do not like the prom scenario, then that is your choice.


No High School Relationships

No High School Relationships Photo Credit: breeleed

Oh come on, don’t you want to go through those school yard relationships? Those school yard butterflies that make it where you cannot wait to get up in the morning and go to school? Yes, I know all about them. While I don’t care about those relationships anymore, because I got married right out of high school, I do know that you will be missing out on something good.


You Will Not Have That since of Accomplishment

You Will Not Have That since of Accomplishment Photo Credit: swelldesigner

Some love to have that since of accomplishment. Can you live your whole life without this? When you are 30 years old, will you be able to look back in time and smile upon dropping out of high school? Will you tell your children about it? Maybe they can learn from your mistakes…


You Will Not Go to College

You Will Not Go to College Photo Credit: Taylor English

Sure, you can get your GED and go to a little college, but you will not be able to go to a good college like Harvard. You have to graduate high school for that! Okay, so the college scenario is not for you. That’s fine, you don’t have to go to college, but are you willing to sacrifice everything else?


You Will Not Be Able to Serve in the Military

You Will Not Be Able to Serve in the Military Photo Credit: birdlike

Okay, this one really says something! The military will take any individual that is willing to die for their country, but they will not take someone who has dropped out of high school and did not get their GED. If you have dreams of serving in the country, then you need to continue all the way to the end of high school.

If you are dropping out of high school, because of the relationship you are currently in, then there are some things you will need to think about. Do you think that relationship is worth sacrificing part of your life for? If so, then kudos to you, it must be a good relationship. However, you do not want to wake up one day full of regrets after that partner left you. If you’re dropping out of high school, it is important to realize that I am not criticizing you at all. I understand that everyone has their wants and needs and sometimes, you may actually know what is best for you. So, what are your plans for the future?

Top Photo Credit: DR. MARIΟ™

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