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7 Reasons Not to Have Sex during Your Teen Years ...

By Melanie

I know what you're thinking. Why shouldn’t you have sex? Yes, of course, you are young; but according to your own estimation as a teenager, you are old enough. You aren’t married, but in your very own opinion, that does not matter – so why should anyone else’s opinion matter? If you want to have sex, then what’s to stop you? Why should you refrain, wait, and abstain? In short, why should you not do something that in your own mind you believe is good? My last post on this topic stirred up a lot of people. Is that what I’m trying to do again? No, not really, I’m just posting this because some teenagers out there want and need different opinions. Take note, I am not strictly saying NOT to have sex before marriage. This is basically for ages 13-16.

7 Since before We Were Born, People Have Been Suffering from Dangerous Diseases

Since before We Were Born, People Have Been Suffering from Dangerous DiseasesPhoto Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

The term today is STD – sexually transmitted disease. It only takes having sex one time with an infected partner to get infected yourself and having sex with more than one partner will increase those risks. Using a condom will reduce the chances, but, like Russian Roulette, you still have a bullet in that chamber and eventually you could get it. Do you trust that your partner isn’t having sex with someone else? Marriage certainly is not a perfect protection against a disease, but it is a lot safer than having sex with no other strings attached.

6 We Can’t Forget about Pregnancy

We Can’t Forget about PregnancyPhoto Credit: becca cahan

Each year, thousands of girls end up with a positivepregnancy test and they are abandoned by their boyfriends, so they are left to face these consequences alone. There is no easy choice to make. You have three options. You can have the baby and raise it yourself. You can have the baby and put it up for adoption. You can have the baby aborted so that no one has to raise it. Which choice will you make?


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5 You Have Sex with Many Different People, then You Get Married

You Have Sex with Many Different People, then You Get MarriedPhoto Credit: Princess Cy

What would your spouse think? I once read a blog by a girl complaining that her husband did not trust her. Why? Because in high school, she had slept with lots of guys and never thought anything of it. Her husband always wondered if his wife slept with any guy he ever met. He wonders if she’s cheating on him right now. The reaction from the husband is natural. Think about your future before you sleep with lots of different people.

4 When You Eventually Have Children, They Hear about Your High School Adventures

When You Eventually Have Children, They Hear about Your High School AdventuresPhoto Credit: Shana Rae {Florabella Collection}

When your children get old, what if someone told them how you were in high school? Now, if you slipped up and slept with one person, that’s understandable, but sleeping with a lot of people without care is not good. Do you want your children to say “but my mom did it, so shall I?" Again, the choice is yours and I’m not going to judge you personally. Just think about your future kids, whose lives will be affected.

3 Virginity is a Good Gift to Give Your Spouse

Virginity is a Good Gift to Give Your SpousePhoto Credit:** **spisharam - AWAY

I will tell you right now, I was 18 when I had sex and my husband was 18. He was my first and I was his first. Today, we have been married for 7 years. Maybe you could save yourself for the right one,the one that's willing to commithis life to you. It makes things even more sacred and beautiful.

2 Save Yourself from the Heartache

Save Yourself from the HeartachePhoto Credit: Pëque

I couldn’t imagine giving up my virginity to some guy only to find that I got dumped and was used. I can’t imagine the heartache or how my husband would feel knowing that I was not his first. I guess I just thought about the future and didn’t let my guard down. If you don’t care about heartache, then go for it, but I know it’ll get to you eventually.

1 It’s Just Not Healthy

statue,sculpture,monument,flower,Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

Most of the time (I said MOST of the time), young people do not really know the individual they are having sex with. The only intimate thing about the relationship is the sex part of it. Did you meet his parents? What do they do in their spare time? What if they have a venereal disease or worse, AIDS or HIV. These relationships could cause many health ailments and infections.

Those are 7 reasons not to have sex during your teen years. I know, you probably hate me for saying all of that stuff, but I’m not trying to be a downer. I’m not religious and at the end of it all, it’s your own body. Talk back to me – I’m ready to hear it!

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