Get over Him How to Overcome Heartaches ...

By Mabelle

Get over Him How to Overcome Heartaches ...

Did you and a long-time or short-time boyfriend just recently called it quits? If you did – and you are a sucker for wallowing in self pity, here’s one word for you: **Don’t! **

You may feel like the end of the world **if you and the supposed **love **of your life decided to call the whole thing **off, but remember that there is still life after him.

Here’s our top 5 tips **on how you can **effectively ****get over him and overcome **your oh-so-painful **heartache:

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Allow Yourself to Be on Self-pity Mode

Eat your heart out or go on a photo retrospective of your good times together. Cry, scream, go all ‘drama queen-like’. Allowing yourself to wallow in self-pity is the first stage of the getting-over-him stage.


Get Rid of All of His Stuff

Get rid **of all of his **stuff, as well as any item which will remind you of your time together as a couple. After drowning yourself in self-pity, the next step is to get rid of all of his stuff so that you can start moving on.


Be like Victoria Beckham

Even if you’re going out for an ice cream – imagine that there’s a million **paparazzi **out o your trail who’ll take photos of what you’re wearing. This will give you that extra **confidence **and bounce on your step.


Treat Yourself like a Queen

Go to a really expensive salon and get a hair treatment. Don’t snip off your locks, however. Just give your hair a hair makeover, do your nails, get a massage. Treat yourself like a queen and **stop lounging at home **wearing pajamas all the time!


Start Going out Again

The only way that you can really get over a heartache is when you’ve already moved on. Start by going out again. Call your girlfriends and club-hop. **Flirt **with the cutest guy in the bar while looking like your usual **hot **self.

These tips should get you on the **right track **of getting over him and whatever **heartache **the bastard has caused! Lol…

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Well, looking at this web page I'm not alone. This guy I was talking to decided that we needed to "cool off" this was three months ago so, therefore I assume he no longer wants to talk to me anymore. As much as it hurts I refuse to chase him. I've been doing the chasing since 2001 with no progress. Meaning, no relationship! So, as of today today I have thrown my middle finger up! I mean what what else can I do? Continue to wait when deep down inside I know he hates me.

Wow!.. It helps me a lot.. My boyfriend and I just recently break-up. Its really hard for me to move on after what he did to me.. Thanks to this article.. atleast even a little I feel cured.

theres a boy i liked since October of last year and he liked me too at first. but then he completely ignored me and started liking some other girl. they went out and he said he was "in love". after they broke up he asked me out many times but i said no because i didn't believe that he actually liked me. then over the summer, we started dating but he would break up with me and go back to dating the other chick then he'd come back to me. i was so in love that i kept taking him back each time even thought i knew i shouldn't. we broke up for good in September. (this time it was me because he started liking some other chick)I hadn't seen him since the break up. but just recently i saw him again and i realized i still really love him even though i thought i was over him. he doesn't even like me anymore and he keeps openly flirting with other girls right in front of me. i don't know why but i feel like i'm going to cry each time i see him now.

please help me..... I'm still in love to the man i know i can never be mine anymore. He is my first love and a boyfriend 2 years ago yet until know even i already try a lot of new relationships still i cant get over with him. he is already live in and he already have one child. Every time i try to show that i am strong enough i cant rid and vanished all those moments we have together i want to be with him forever. what should i do

Thanks Sheila...Can i continue talking to him because i found a very gud friend in him and he too cared a lot about my sentiments too..

i dated this boy but he dumped me because we would not see each other as much . i really liked him when ever i see him i want to cry . now i think he is starting to like my friend