Get over Him! How to Overcome Heartaches ...

Did you and a long-time or short-time boyfriend just recently called it quits? If you did – and you are a sucker for wallowing in self pity, here’s one word for you: **Don’t! **

You may feel like the end of the world **if you and the supposed **love **of your life decided to call the whole thing **off, but remember that there is still life after him.

Here’s our top 5 tips **on how you can **effectively ****get over him and overcome **your oh-so-painful **heartache:

5. Allow Yourself to Be on Self-pity Mode

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Eat your heart out or go on a photo retrospective of your good times together. Cry, scream, go all ‘drama queen-like’. Allowing yourself to wallow in self-pity is the first stage of the getting-over-him stage.

4. Get Rid of All of His Stuff

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Get rid **of all of his **stuff, as well as any item which will remind you of your time together as a couple. After drowning yourself in self-pity, the next step is to get rid of all of his stuff so that you can start moving on.

3. Be like Victoria Beckham

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Even if you’re going out for an ice cream – imagine that there’s a million **paparazzi **out o your trail who’ll take photos of what you’re wearing. This will give you that extra **confidence **and bounce on your step.

2. Treat Yourself like a Queen

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Go to a really expensive salon and get a hair treatment. Don’t snip off your locks, however. Just give your hair a hair makeover, do your nails, get a massage. Treat yourself like a queen and **stop lounging at home **wearing pajamas all the time!

1. Start Going out Again

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The only way that you can really get over a heartache is when you’ve already moved on. Start by going out again. Call your girlfriends and club-hop. **Flirt **with the cutest guy in the bar while looking like your usual **hot **self.

These tips should get you on the **right track **of getting over him and whatever **heartache **the bastard has caused! Lol…

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