5 Ways to Get over a Break-up ...


5 Ways to Get over a Break-up ...
5 Ways to Get over a Break-up ...

We’ve all been there, that heart wrenching and soul crushing time just after a break up when your eyes are puffy and it’s all you can do just to take that chocolate bar out of your mouth. But ladies, it’s time to buck up a little. After years and years we’ve finally found the best ways to stop being so depressed and take a step in the direction of getting over it.

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Don’t Try to Be Friends Right Away

Don’t Try to Be Friends Right Away Photo Credit: 7oO7oO

After being with someone for any amount of time it’s hard to just shut off the romance and be their friend right away. And trying is going to make things awkward. So, give yourself some time. You each need to spend some time apart without speaking before you can try friendship. And until you are absolutely ready to make that step, DON’T make contact; it’ll just be a step in the wrong direction.


Let It out

Let It out Photo Credit: sosarem

As cheesy and cliché as it may sound, sometimes the best way to get over a break up is to let it all out. Talk it over with a very patient friend who doesn’t mind hearing about how his eyes used to glow right before he kissed you. Or write it out in a diary or in a blog. Whatever you chose to do, don’t censor yourself. Let out every feeling you have about it — it’ll feel like a weight is being lifted off your shoulders.



Cry Photo Credit: *m5

That’s right, cry. Even when you’re the one doing the breaking up, it’s ok to be sad and want to cry over the loss of your relationship, so why don’t you? You may not feel very cute after but most of the time, a good cry with a good reason feels pretty darn refreshing. So force your sadness out through your eyes and let those teardrops roll.



Exercise Photo Credit: methodfitness

Exercising releases endorphins into your body that make you feel happy, or happier. You’ll feel fit, you’ll be doing something good for yourself, and if you’re not the one that did the dumping, it’ll give you that boost of confidence you need to get back on the dating horse.


Surround Yourself with Friends

Surround Yourself with Friends Photo Credit: MethodFitness

Your friends are going to be your shoulders to cry on, the people that keep you laughing and your one remaining tie to sanity all at once. They’ll keep you from falling into a deep post-breakup chocolate coma, and most of the time they’ll force you off the couch and back into real life when you need it most. You’re friends are going to push you just when you need to be pushed so don’t shut them out!

Well ladies, I’ve shared just as much post break up wisdom as I can, it’s up to you to use it when necessary. Just remember, ice cream and BBQ ribs will only get you so far. Eventually you’ll need to leave your tissue-covered blanket nest of romantic comedies that make you cry and get back into the real world. Just don’t do it before you’re ready.

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i seriously whent out with this guy he broke upwith me cuz we had to many problems so it happened i was so depressed like 4 a week my friends triedto cheer me up but couldnt we became friend s but i dont think it will work because he gets close to me and i just get very emotional and get very sad and now he told me he likes and goes out with diz girl but i dont know if i should believe him but it really got me even sadder and know thanks to ur tips i think i m starting to feel a little less 4 him

My boyfriend of six months just broke up with me out of the blue. I'm so lost and confused I don't no how to get through it we just spent and awesome weekend together and on Tuesday he just randomly started talking about how it was hard! I think I now scared him a little and Ive been going nuts with all my emotions and I think that's it's driving him away more. I can actually feel myself losing him and it's the absolute last thing I wanted! I'm so lost

My boyfriend just broke up with me last night I came to this site for advice and I feel like I already knew this stuff and I don't think it will work....I really really loved him and he loved me too, he felt like he wasn't good enough for me and he felt I deserved better so he broke up with me.. It hurts so much

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