7 Fast Ways to Get over Your Broken Heart ...


7 Fast Ways to Get over Your Broken Heart ...
7 Fast Ways to Get over Your Broken Heart ...

It hurts, I know. To like someone so much, and yet have them hurt you so bad. And yet, there is still something in you that makes you want them anyway. If they hurt you now, they'll hurt you later - that's the hard truth. So, to save yourself from more heartbreak later, do these seven steps now!

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Realize You Deserve Better

Remind yourself that you're special, and that you deserve someone that will treat you that way. Everyone deserves someone that treats them right, that loves them unconditionally. Everyone, including you, deserves someone that respects them and their feelings. Realizing this is the first step to getting over an old crush.


Occupy Your Time

Don't spend your time dwelling on the past and on what you wanted with that person. Put it behind you. Instead, fill your calendar with time with family and friends. Go shopping, have mani-pedi parties with girlfriends, do some baking in the kitchen - whatever it takes to deprive yourself of time to think about that one person in your past.


Get Rid of Memories

I know that memories in your mind are more difficult to get rid of, but rid your room and locker of anything reminding your of that person. If you can't throw it away (like an expensive necklace or something) bury it deep in your closet a while, or sell it if you can. Seeing things that remind you of that person will only prolong the healing process.


Don't Take It Personally

Just because things didn't work out does not, by any means, mean that something is wrong with you - or with him for that matter. Sometimes, what our heart wants isn't what life has in store for us. Taking this into consideration and realizing that later on, God will send us the perfect person for us, is a great step toward healing.


Be Honest

Tell them how you feel. Now don't go and make a scene or anything, but it won't hurt to sit down with them and tell them how this is making you feel. Let them know that they've hurt you, that you feel wronged. This will help to put a finality on the situation for you.


Focus on Their Negatives

If you think about all their flaws long enough, their good characteristics may not mean that much to you. But then again, if through their negatives, you still have love, then maybe you should read on to the next point!


There is Hope

If you feel that (even though things don't seem to be going right) this person is the right one for you, just be patient. Sometimes, love works in crazy ways, and takes a great deal of time to cultivate. Don't be forceful, but that doesn't mean that you have to completely erase this person from your life forever. You never know what the future could bring!

Broken Hearts are never easy to get over. It takes time and you will feel better eventually. While you wait for that to happen, try and keep your chin up and your heart off your shoulder. It is fragile right now! Did these tips help you any?

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Nice post. It is quiet inspirational. Yes it takes time to get over a broken heart.

Ditto to that, Carmen and Sheila!

I'd really like some outside views and advice on a similar situation of my own. I was introduced to a guy a few months ago, I wasn't immediately interested, but his charm won me over, and had an amazing, unoticed at first, effect on me. He was, in my then view, too good to be true. We got on so well, it was as if we had known each other all our lives. It was amazing. We started a relationship fairly quickly. He dined me, and romanced me, and within the first two weeks announced that he had fallen in love with me. I was completely head over heels. All of my friends commented on how different I was. In a good way! They said every day seemed to be 'glowing' and attached to an extremely large smile! Every day, nothing could get me down. Eventually, I started to become suspicious. He was always acting in a mysterious way, and held back sternly from sharing things with me about his personal life, although we exchanged life stories early on in the relationship, every little detail. The mystery was mainly concerning his job, and wouldn't really discuss what he did, and didn't want me to know where he lived, which caused friction as my house at the time was a mad house, so we rarely got any alone time. He made this seem my fault, although his place never got mentioned as an option. (I didn't want to bring it up in case he felt uncomfortable). So we decided to take a break until i had moved out, which would then allow us to spend more time together. He then ignored me for a whole week, and eventually got back to me and said this was due to 'work stuff'. Not even a text. So I decided it was fair enough. In the week running up to my move, I got in contact and asked if he wanted to talk about things, as originally agreed. He seemed reluctant but we arranged a day. A couple of days later, I came acorss, to my absolute horror a facebook profile, of a girl I did not know, with her profile photo of him and her in bed together! I looked at her photos, and he was in each and every one of her photos. It seems the week he ignored me and had 'work stuff' on, he was wining, dining and romancing her instead! These were all recently updated photos, including her birthday celebrations, which, curiously just included them two, and the countryside. I questioned him, and he simply said 'we didn't agree not to have any other relationships while we were on a break'. and we argued a lot. He then said that he agreed to have this 'talk' so he could tell me he had another girlfriend and didn't want to get back together, because it would never work. while all along i thought the talk, as agreed, was about getting back together! i put my life on hold, which took a lot of strength and a knock to my self-respect. It seems I was being treated like a fool, and everything added up in the end, he was more than likely seeing this girl when we were together. hence the mysterious behaviour. Well, I can't be sure, but it's more likely than unlikely based on everything. I've now deleted his number, after telling him a few days ago i didnt want to speak to him again, and im trying to move on. it's so difficult. as i said, originally i wasn't attracted to him, but he magically made me fall in love with him, without me realising st first! it's was all and then nothing in the blink of an eye. I can't seem to remove the mental images of them two together. I'd really like your views on this one, did I do the right thing, and was he in the wrong as my friends tell me? Thanks! x

I put all my ex boyfrineds stuff like gifts and stuff in a box and threw it somewere in my closit.

these tips helped a lot ijust have to confront him about the whole thing and then i will decide from then on...if its not heart breaking enough

Some great tips to help people get over a broken relationship. I work with lots of people who are very distressed by a break up and it can take a long time to completely get over. Alison

Hey Cherith Thanks for sharing, it takes a while to get over a broken heart! this post is a good place to start! Sean

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