9 Things It's Okay to do after a Breakup ...

It’s okay to do certain things when you are going through a breakup. Personally, if you feel comfortable doing things and it’s not against the law or hurting you, then you should be able to do it. Since I am a girl, I am going to come from a female perspective on this one and give you girls some points.

9. Cry

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I always say that it is okay to cry. If you feel that you have to cry, then go ahead and do it.

8. Talk to Your Girlfriend a Lot

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It is okay to talk to your girlfriend a lot. Perhaps you have some things you have to get off of your chest.

7. Beat the Pillow

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To the point where you actually have to go out and purchase a new pillow. Yes, I fully understand this one and in my own opinion, I think it is a great way to get the anger out. It makes it even better when you know it is his pillow that he always slept on when the two of you were together.

6. Donate the Presents

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Was he the type of guy that always gave you presents? Well, if he was, then you probably have quite a few of them and I don’t think it would be a good idea to keep them lingering around the home. If you are serious that it is over and you see not repairing the relationship, then try donating all of those things he ever gave you.

5. Hang out with Your Parents

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Surely, your mom and dad think you are great. Even if you are an adult, you are still their little girl. After a break up, it is perfectly fine to hang out with mom and dad. In fact, it is perfectly fine either way. I know they would like to have you around.

4. To Not Be Ready to Move on

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After a break up, it is okay that you are not ready to move on and date a new person. I think the heart always takes time to heal and if you jump straight into another relationship, it will be a rebound relationship, which is something you do not need.

3. Have Breakup Songs on Repeat

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It’s okay if you put some break up songs on the stereo and have them on constantly repeat. I understand.

2. Buy Something

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It is also okay if you go out and buy something. I recommend that you buy something that is soft. I think that will help you feel better.

1. Rip up His Pictures

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I think it is perfectly fine for you to rip up his pictures, as long as you know you will not be getting back together. For a couple of months, you may just want to put them in a box up in your closet, garage or attic. This way, you will be sure you are totally finished and not just going through a relationship fit.

Those are 9 things it’s okay to do after a breakup. Remember, it is never okay to delete accounts of his on the computer (that belong to him), trash his computer, mess up his vehicle or trash his home. You do not want to show any act of violence or damage to his personal property. What did you do when your last relationship ended?

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