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7 Ways to React when You Run into His Ex ...

By Mercy

Running into your boyfriend’s ex can be awkward no matter what the circumstances. Whether the two of you were friends or you stole him from her or are complete strangers, it can be an uncomfortable experience for both parties not to mention the guy in question. Here are 7 ways to react when you run into his ex.

Table of contents:

  1. a warm smile and pleasant greeting
  2. avoid eye contact and ignore her
  3. duck behind a bush
  4. smile or shrug apologetically
  5. mumble something about having some place to be and opt for a hasty exit
  6. bold confrontation
  7. be overly friendly

1 A Warm Smile and Pleasant Greeting

This is perhaps the very best way to react if there hasn’t been any wrong doing on your part. Being friendly and pleasant will take away a great deal of the awkwardness and make everyone feel more at ease. Of course if you act too friendly when you’ve actually been the other woman, she is probably not going to take too kindly to it.

2 Avoid Eye Contact and Ignore Her

A less mature and more common way to react when you run into his ex is to just ignore her. The minute you notice her you turn away and ensure that you never make eye contact. The two of you peacefully coexist in the store or restaurant completely ignoring each other. The discomfort may prevail but at least it’s private.

3 Duck behind a Bush

This is what happens when you have a guilty conscience otherwise there is no reason why you would want to duck behind a bush when you see her coming your way. Either that or you desperately want to avoid any awkwardness but this kind of behavior is totally bizarre.

4 Smile or Shrug Apologetically

Nothing can be more condescending or annoying than smiling or shrugging apologetically at your boyfriend’s ex. She isn’t mourning over the break up and even if she is, she doesn’t want his current girlfriend to notice. You aren’t doing any favors by offering the empathetic tones.

5 Mumble Something about Having Some Place to Be and Opt for a Hasty Exit

This is perhaps the best way to react when you run into his ex if you do have a guilty conscience. She probably doesn’t have anything to say to you and there is nothing you can say that will correct what has been done. The best thing is to be cordial and make yourself scarce.

6 Bold Confrontation

A bold confrontational style is again probably not the best way to behave with your boyfriend’s ex. There is no need to have an argument or fight. There is no issue at hand so avoid the head on collisions and stay cool.

7 Be Overly Friendly

It is important not to overdo things when you run into his ex. You may have been great friends but chances are things are not quite the same. Even if you have managed to retain the friendship, there is no reason to go to extremes.

There are numerous ways to react when you run into his ex but by far the most successful is to be yourself. Imagine how you would prefer to be treated if tables were turned and take it from there.

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