7 Benefits to Wearing a Sports Bra ...


7 Benefits to Wearing a Sports Bra ...
7 Benefits to Wearing a Sports Bra ...

Bras come in many shapes and sizes. There are good bras, bad bras, supportive bras, and bras that look good … but are horribly uncomfortable and offer no support whatsoever. You know … bras really are like guys. Anyway! One bra that doesn't get a lot of recognition is the sports bra. Sure, there are times when you definitely should not be wearing one – but there are also times when it's all you need. So, let's take a look at some of the benefits to wearing a sports bra, what do you say?

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Super Support

One of the main benefits to wearing a sports bra is the support you get. Although it's important to size it right – a sports bra that fits too tight is the worst thing ever – it can still substantially flatten out large breasts. As you will see, this is extremely important in quite a number of instances.


The Girls Don't Bounce

Some of you might remember that I used to be a band geek. That included playing in the marching band, which annually began with six weeks of practice – eight hours a day, five days a week. I will never forget my very first practice ever, when we began our marching drills. I had crushes on two of my other trombonists and wanted to look pretty (even though I was going to be sweating and out of breath all day), and never wasted a thought on wearing a sports bra. My clearest memory is of the veteran assigned to me looking over as I was marching beside her, point out that my boobs were marching all by themselves. In situations where you don't want to bounce, sports bras are important.


Easy Exercise

To that end, you really need to wear a sports bra if you're working out and exercising. Again, this way you'll get all the support you need. Plus, you won't have a lot of pervy guys leering at you when you're on the Stairmaster or something, because your breasts are getting a workout of their own.


Supreme Comfort

The amount of comfort you get provides another great benefit to wearing a sports bra. There's no underwire, you don't have straps digging into your shoulders, or hooks digging into your bag. Because you get side support as well as breast support, there's no worry of overlapping anywhere either.


Temp Control

Sports bras are also able to help control and regulate the temperature of your body. Because most of them are made of soft cotton blends, they're not going to make you get quite as hot and sweaty. As a result, if you're just out somewhere, such as touring a town in summer, it's also a good idea to wear one then, because you can stay cooler. Sports bras are a girl's best friend in the summertime.


No Sweat

As a matter of fact, here's a related benefit to wearing a sports bra. You don't sweat nearly as much when you're wearing one. However, that's not the only sweat related benefit. A lot of pretty, fancy bras won't absorb sweat; perspiration will just end up pooling along the material and leaking down your back. You don't have to worry about that with a sports bra, and I consider that a huge plus. I hate sweat stains.


Storage Capacities

I tend to wear a sports bra around the house all day, and I confess, when I don't have any pockets and I need to stick my cell phone somewhere, it goes down my bra. You don't necessarily have to go that route, however, because a lot of sports bras now come with their own storage options. There are little pockets where you can slide keys, money, and yeah, even cell phones!

As you can see, there are lots of benefits to wearing sports bras. As with any other bra, however, there's a time and a place to wear them. You can't wear them all the time, but there are a lot of situations in which you can. What's your favorite kind of bra to wear?

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i know a girl who had breast cancer because of keeping her cellphone in her bra at school, so becareful and keep it away!!! n thanks for the tips, a sports bra really helps alot if its ur size, ask a pro at any sports store when picking one for better results.

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