How to Choose New Lingerie after Weight Loss...


How to Choose New Lingerie after Weight Loss...
How to Choose New Lingerie after Weight Loss...

In the Battle of the Bulge, you’ve just been declared the winner. Congratulations on your new bikini bod! The spoils of victory should include some new clothes, a new bathing suit and certainly some new lingerie. Lingerie needn’t be frilly or lace—it can be as basic as you need it to be. But just remember a rule of thumb: if your pant size has changed, your bra size has probably changed too.

Step one, get yourself measured! You’ve probably read the statistics that 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Well, I can speak from experience as a lingerie shop owner that this is probably correct. Beyond being uncomfortable and unsightly, ill-fitting bras can actually make you look heavier. It seems miraculous, but the right size bra can lift, separate, support and make you look 10 pounds thinner.

How do you find the right size? Most department store lingerie departments now have certified “fitters” that can measure you properly. Or for a more personal experience, seek out a specialty store in your area and get yourself professionally measured there. (For those of you out of reach of either, try this handy guide to calculate your bra size at home.) Another thing to keep in mind is that bra sizing is as varied as any other kind of clothing. A 34C in one brand may not fit like a 34C in another. So don’t shy away from trying on! It’s the only way to discover the truly perfect fit.

Your bra is only half the story though. To really get your amazing new “assets” covered, you’ll need a few new pairs of panties. No woman should be without a killer “set”—a matching bra and panty—so once you’ve found that great-fitting bra, seek out a matching bottom in a shape you find flattering and comfortable.

Long torso? Try something with a higher rise. For a short torso, look for low-rise styles that will lengthen visually. You’ll find plenty of styles from which to choose, from teeny thongs to full coverage boyshorts. Try a few on and see what suits you best.

Finally, to round out your new collection, consider something new for sleep wear. Maybe something lacy and racy that flaunts your new figure and will have your significant other’s jaw on the floor. Even if it’s something just for you, having something new and silky to slip on between the sheets is the ultimate luxury, and one you deserve for all of your hard work!

Guest blogger Elizabeth Tigar is the owner of Austin, TX, lingerie boutique Underwear. Visit

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