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8 Ways to Avoid an Old Boyfriend ...

By Aprille

It sucks when you bump into an old boyfriend in public, well, sometimes it doesn’t, but it does if he was a jerk. I know that sometimes it is hard to avoid boyfriends and sometimes it is easy to do. I really do not have much problems with this, because I follow these tips below. Get ready to take my advice and learn 8 ways to avoid an old boyfriend…

Table of contents:

  1. just look the other way
  2. act like he’s a stranger
  3. change your phone number
  4. block his e-mail
  5. don’t accept him on facebook
  6. avoid going where you know he will be
  7. keep him from your mind
  8. change your classes

8 Just Look the Other Way

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Really, if you sit there and stare at him, he’ll make eye contact and then it is all on. The conversation will start. So, would it not make perfect since to just look the other way? I think this is the best step to take.

7 Act like He’s a Stranger

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When you walk past him one day, act like he’s just a stranger, don’t sigh, don’t giggle, don’t make eye contact. Just like I said in number 8, if you do any of the above, then the conversation is going to begin. Don’t act any different when he walks past you, even if he looks at you. I do this all the time and it works.

6 Change Your Phone Number

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Of course, if you really want to stay away from him, then just change your phone number. When you change your phone number, make sure you give it to your other friends, but tell them not to give him the number. Also, make sure your number goes as unlisted.

5 Block His E-mail

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Do you know how many e-mails I have blocked? I love this little method! Of course, if the boys smart, they will e-mail you from a different e-mail address. When this happens, make sure you just hit delete and send it straight to spam. Don’t even open it. It’s not worth the time of the day.

4 Don’t Accept Him on Facebook

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I know, this one sounds funny and obvious, but some girls actually accept their ex on Facebook and expect him to not say anything. Haha, that’s a good one. Never accept him to Facebook. You’re trying to avoid him, remember? So learn how to hit that decline button!

3 Avoid Going Where You Know He Will Be

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Okay, so you know where he hangs out, why would you want to go there? Obviously, if you go there, you want to find him. So, if you know where he hangs out, try to avoid going to that spot. This way, you won’t have to bump heads.

2 Keep Him from Your Mind

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Of course, you can’t avoid the boy if you do not keep him from your mind. Is he really worth thinking about? Is he worth talking to? Then make sure you just keep him from your mind, there is no need to even remember him.

1 Change Your Classes

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I have done this one before. If the boy is in your class, then change your classes. If you cannot change your classes, then ask the teacher to move you to the other side of the room. During class, don’t make eye contact – you’re avoiding him – he doesn’t exist!

There you have 8 ways to avoid an old boyfriend. I stuck to these eight things and never have a run in. If you don’t want to bump heads, then you would do the same thing. Do you have any other advice you care to share?

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