13 Ways to Stay Away from Your Ex ...


13 Ways to Stay Away from Your Ex ...
13 Ways to Stay Away from Your Ex ...

Haven't we all been in this difficult situation at some point? Newly broken up and thinking of ways to stay away from the ex? Avoiding your ex can be hard, especially when you live in the same small town or go to the same school or college! Below, I am going to give you 13 ways to avoid the awkwardness and stay away from your ex.

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Avoid His Workplace

Avoid His Workplace Photo Credit: .A.A.

If you are trying to overcome a breakup, it goes without saying that you should avoid visiting his workplace. If he works some place that you visit often, then just do your best to find something else to do and avoid it as much as possible... atleast till the time you manage to deal with your ex-issues.


Avoid His Hang out Place

Avoid His Hang out Place Photo Credit: archidave

Back in the good, old days, your ex, your friends and you hung out together in the same places and you've now started to think of it as “your” place. However, after a breakup, things must change. I know you love hanging out there, but the only way to avoid your ex would be to avoid his hang out place and find another place. Avoiding the place will also ensure that you don't think of him often and this will help you deal with the breakup.


Don’t Call Him

Don’t Call Him Photo Credit: ydhsu

Are you crazy? Calling him is only going to lead him on or give you false hope! It is going to send him the wrong signals. Yes, you agreed to stay friends, but calling him right away is out of the question. This is especially true if you are looking for ways to avoid him!


Don’t Answer the Phone when He Calls

Don’t Answer the Phone when He Calls Photo Credit: wdeelee

He calls a lot. In fact, your phone is ringing silly because of him. Your answering machine is full of messages. Girl, no matter what you do, delete those messages and ignore that phone if you're trying toget over him.


Don’t Answer His E-mails

Don’t Answer His E-mails Photo Credit: SweetSugarBelle

He is the techie type of guy and instead of calling you, he e-mails you all the time. Well, just as you would avoid those phone calls, it is important to avoid those e-mails as well. Replying back is a definitebreak-up no no.


Block/bounce His E-mails and Calls

Block/bounce His E-mails and Calls Photo Credit: Thomas Rousset

He has been doing nothing but spamming your e-mail. You want to forget about him, but every time you forget, you come across his e-mails with sad “I miss you/forgive me” subjects that cause you to almost cave in. Learn how to use that block and bounce all of his e-mails back to him. Let him get that “recipient could not be found” notice. Put that on the list of thingsevery woman should know how to do!


Don’t Answer His IM’s

Don’t Answer His IM’s Photo Credit: jamin220

I know the internet is a technology you can't live without but you have to eliminate him from that part of your life as well. So if he is still on your IM, you should appear offline to him! Completely block his screen name so that he does not see you appearing online. Don’t even read his IM’s if he does send one over to you and definitely don't reply.


Stay Away from His Friend Circle

Stay Away from His Friend Circle Photo Credit: lomokev

Sure, when you two were an item, the two of you shared friends. It is important that if you are trying to avoid him, you stay away from his friends. Stop carrying on conversations with them and definitely do not date them! Dating a friend's exor an ex's friend are both a big no no!


Don’t Drive by His Home

Don’t Drive by His Home Photo Credit: Face-2-Face

We know you want to drive by and see what he is up to – see if he has a new girl and all of that, but you should avoid it. Don’t even look at his house. If he sees you driving past, this makes you look interested or worse still, like a psycho stalker. And if he seems to have disappeared, don't try to find him!


Don’t Walk down the Sidewalk in His Part of Town

Don’t Walk down the Sidewalk in His Part of Town Photo Credit: Everything and the rest

If you want to avoid him, then don’tgo for walks down the sidewalk in his part of town especially if you know he is around.


Don’t Even Look at Him if He is around

Don’t Even Look at Him if He is around Photo Credit: guioconnor

When you are in the same room, don’t even acknowledge that he is there. When you make eye contact with him, it is all over. Avoid it girl!


Go on a Vacation

Go on a Vacation Photo Credit: Ende

You could alwaysgo on a vacation and disappear for atleast a week. Take the time to get over him and then when you get back, avoiding him will not be hard.


Move out of Town

Move out of Town Photo Credit: So Cal Metro

This one does sound extreme, moving just because of a guy, but I have seen many girls do it on television! In fact, on the Young and the Restless, when Billy and McKenzie split up the first time, she went to Darfur and stayed there for years. So, moving out of townmay sound like a good idea especially if you've had a bad breakup after a long term relationship.

So, these are 13 ways to stay away from your ex. Remember, you do not want to look interested in him anymore. You want to send him signals that you are no longer interested in him, that way he will leave you alone. What is your favorite tip on here? Do you have any others that you would like to add to my list?

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great advive! wish i read these tips before i did all the dont cant wait to start trying them thanx =)

These are kind of silly. Here is my list on how to stay away from your ex: 1) Stay away from him.

yeah these are pretty obvious but they would certainly work. I mean, how else would you avoid your ex? moving abroad. I broke it off three months ago, and the first time I saw him I just didn't look at him nor said hi, and sadly that made things worse...he got mad because we decided to stay friends and he was offended when I didn't even consider him. I was just afraid of my reaction if we talked again, you know? breakups are complicated. especially if your ex is a drama queen.

not as easy when you have kids! You have to stay in contact you have to be friends straight away for kids sake.

same here lol.....broke up wid ma ex like 3weks ago.ma famili kip getn in touch wid him bt i rili hate the idea. i jus wish he could vanish out of ma life .bt i still love him. i kip seyn hm on campus evritym. i hate him thou i love him. wat do i do then............

I was with my ex for 3 years we have broken up twice. I finally was able to leave him but we work in the same place he needed a job so I got him a job . I left the job so I wouldn't see him everyday its just really frustrating. I may move put of town because I don't want to see him be around him . he comes to my other job when he gets ready . I'm still in love with him but I do not want a relationship with less.

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