10 Tips on Breaking up without Breaking His Ego


10 Tips on Breaking up without Breaking His Ego
10 Tips on Breaking up without Breaking His Ego

So you want to break up with him! No matter how sour the relationship has turned there’s no need to hurt his ego in the process. Here are some ways you can call it quitswithout hurting him!

A divorce, separation or, in general, any loss of an important relationship is a painful experience. Such pain can seriously diminish our peace and happiness.

William, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

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Say It in Person

How would you feel if he spread news about your break-up on Facebook or just instant messaged you about it? You would hate it not to mention suffer from downright depression. Break-up with him face to face. You owe him that!

No matter what he did, he deserves respect enough for a face-to-face breakup. Don't cop out with a text message...



No Guilt Slamming Please!

You may have started to dislike him but while breaking up don’t play the blame game. Avoid bringing up past issues and don’t go on a mud-slinging spree. It just makes things worse!
No Guilt Slamming Please!


No Comparisons

If you have found yourself another man in your life the last thing you should do is to compare him with your new guy. Just tell him there is someone else and move on. Don’t dwell on it as it will only rub salt in the wound!

Girls always tell you that it isn’t you, that if they wanted to be with anyone it would be you, it’s just that they aren’t ready for a relationship. And then two weeks later they’re dating someone new.

Jed, Life According to Jed


No Abusive Language

You need to break-up with some amount of dignity. Never make the mistake of using abusive language. You will end up regretting it later. Be a lady. Let him remember you as someone he respects.


No Middlemen

You may have met each other through a common friend. But there is no reason why you need your friend to convey the news to your man.** **Don’t use intermediaries or even your parents for that matter!
No Middlemen


Don’t Get Even

If he has been cheating on you it can be tempting to get even with him. However do not do it - it will just give you a horrible empty feeling when you think about it later. So don’t spread rumours or hang your dirty laundry in public.

Follow the golden rule. Do unto others as you'd like them to do unto you. This is someone you care about very much, or you wouldn't even be attempting a friendship. Treat them like you care.
LMNtal Attraction


Don’t Break up on a Holiday!

It can be very hard on him if you break up with him during the holidays. He will just mope around and drive everyone else crazy. Choose a working day so he can keep busy and find other distractions.


Don’t do It in Public

Avoid breaking up with him in a public place. Places like shopping complexes and restaurants are a strict no-no. Instead choose a nice and quiet place to talk. It’s an emotional moment and he won’t want to seem weak and vulnerable in a public place.
Don’t do It in Public Pick an appropriate place. Remember, ending a relationship is a humbling experience. Don't do it in a place where the person on the receiving end is going to feel more vulnerable than necessary.

Crid Lee, All About Dating and Romance


Your Favourite Locations

Don’t break up at your favourite eating joint. He may not be able to go there again especially if you broke his heart. Choose a neutral setting instead where you both will be comfortable.


Be Straightforward - without Being Blunt

You need to lay out the facts but don’t go overboard. Being blunt can hurt his feelings. Just tell him the reasons so he knows why you’re doing it. Leave your verbal dagger at home!

Make sure you say a lot of positive things about the person before you break the news about why you want to break up. Just be sure you don't go overboard on the compliments. He will respond with, "if I'm so amazing, why are you leaving me?"
Faking Good Breeding
Breaking up with someone can be traumatic. Hopefully with these tips the event won’t leave a scar. Remember - leave with your dignity intact and don’t do anything you would regret later!
*8 Ways to Avoid an Old Boyfriend …

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The thing is, how to don't break up his ego when he doesn't understand you broke up with him

love the tips

unfortunately, yes, even if he has cheated on you, if you really love him you do care about his feelings - as much as that stinks! lol

I agree. We all hate being compared with our partner's past relationships. A sure thing to break one's ego.

I have a friend who want to break up with this guy. The problem is she's in love with another person, its like she cheated and now wants to set things straight. The other problem is that she don't want to hurt her new boyfriend rather soon-to-be ex. So as her bestfriend I don't know what to do. She's always talking about breaking up with this dude but he seems to be perfect its like he has no intention of hurting her. Whenever she tries to break the ice, he just do something romantic for her as if he knows that she wants to break up with him. Another thing is that she don't want to hurt the love of her life cause they share a lot together.

I find it interesting how simple a break up can seem on paper (or monitor) yet when it comes down to it they are far more complicated. The unfortunate thing of human nature is that we are selfish by nature. Hurting someone's else's ego is often better than hurting our own, or so we think.

What if your bf cheated on you? Wold you still consider his ego?

I wouldn't consider his ego if he cheated on me.

Great tips. These apply to women too.

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