How Men Dump Nice Girls ...


How Men Dump Nice Girls ...
How Men Dump Nice Girls ...

By Dick Anderson

When guys date really nice girls, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that boredom quickly sets in and they need to find a way out. The problem is that the idea of dumping them raises all kinds of issues with guilt.

And no one wants to feel guilty about dumping a girl. But it is a necessary evil. After all, life is too short to spend it with someone you don’t want to be with.

So if you’re a nice girl and wondered whatever happened to James - why he just seemed to disappear from your life, you’ll probably find the answer within these pages.

Who is the nice girl?

First off, who is this “nice girl”? Well, she’s sweet and innocent, and her idea of rebelling is jaywalking. She’s very vanilla, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s no doubt that everyone likes a little rocky road every once in a while.

Of course, there are many guys who’ve dated rats in the past and want nothing more than a good, predictable, reliable girl to spend his time with, but for many men in their 20s and even 30s, they’d prefer to spend their time being challenged.

**Why men dump nice girls
It’s funny how life works sometimes. When it comes to a nice girl, we always know where she is, we know she’s reliable, and we know that she would never betray us. You’d think that this was the ideal woman.

But because this nice girl comes with guarantees, so to speak, we find ourselves wanting more. While safety is appreciated, and it’s what we think we want, when men find themselves faced with a woman who will be good to and for him, he tends to run in the other direction.

**How men dump nice girls
It’s quite possible that after we walk away from the nice girl, we spend a lot of time reminiscing about how great she was… especially when we begin dating a high-maintenance bitch.

Nevertheless, we do ultimately walk away. But how? How do we do it without feeling tons of guilt? It’s hard, but here’s how we manage.

**How men dump nice girls #1
Stop calling**
If we were calling about once a day, that would stop fast. And I don’t mean that we’d lessen the phone calls until they reached the once a week status; we would rip that phone calling task off like a bandage

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Look ladies it's about balance. You can be a really nice person and treat a man well However don't let them mistake kindness for weakness. The min that man does something to treat you bad you show him your wicked witch of the west side. Tell him, your a dick!!!! Scream it, hang up the phone on him walk away! I treat the men I love like gold but I draw the line at taking thier shit. And it has worked for me. Most of the time they came running back, and those who did not were just not that into me. So remember be a nice girl but be a bitch when you need to be. Balance!

hey, I am a nice girl and have men cheat on me dump me and I am sick of it. I know i should be a bit of a bitch but I dont know how!? My problem is I am just too nice! lol! You see when guys meet me they think I am a bad girl/rebel/wild child, and then as soon as they realise I am just a sweet girl who wants a normal stable relationship they run!! Help

This stuff really isn't totally true ladies. There are alot of us guys who can't find a nice girl. We don't want to deal with a bitch. We don't want to justify our actions to someone with a bad attitude. Try dating someone who you can be friends with. Maybe then you'll have some sort of connection where you don't have to pretend to be a bitch or pretend other things. Anon; please don't start being a bitch. Some guys might want a bad girl for a night or for sex sessions, but we really really don't want bitches. Be yourself.

Spotlight the psychopathic man early on: is he super charming, witty, seem to be the life of the party? Does he want to get to know you super fast? Does he talk about sex quite soon after meeting him? Does he appear to be single, but seem to be hiding a secret life of other lovers? Does he ever say mean, cruel, insulting or crude things and pass it off as humor? Does he seem to have lots of friends but no close friends? Does he lie? Disappear? Seem unreachable at times when you know he's not working or otherwise? Get angry for no reason? Unwilling to communicate? Irrational about things, financially unstable? Hurtful? Engage in risky behaviors/thrill seeking? Have lots of ex's that he still talks to, sees, says he loves, but says horrible things about them, too? They're still calling him? He runs hot and cold? Keeps you guessing? Makes you sad or cry and doesn't seem bothered about it? Seems to enjoy spending your money, using your car, house, hot tub, vacation home, access to your bank account without having contribution of his own...? Really. His own? Not stolen from another woman? Asks for a loan then never pays you back? Calls you a psychobitch from hell if you ask for your money back? Keeps coming around for something even though he often does so and terrorizes you, threatens you, breaks your things, eats all your food, steals your car or hang around in your bed screwing hookers while you're at work all day? Seem to have odd losses of keys, money, time, memory? Gives you things as bait, hoping small tokens can be used as "proof" that he's "so worthy"? Calls you names....ever? Says he "wants to be in a relationship" one day and another day says, "we never had a relationship"? Has certain friends who also appear to perform "work" for you but often leave jobs undone after they've asked for all their "wages" upfront? Appears to enjoy duping you, over and over, as long as he's able to milk you of resources? Watch his face when he's lying. Look for the quick micro expression known as "Duper's Delight". It can't be masked and it's quick but sure. It appears while he's lying to you. The reptilian brain that he operates with can't interfere with Duper's Delight. Does he seem to enjoy hurting anyone ever or pulling hurtful pranks or hurting animals? Does he ever brag about hurting someone, or sexual conquests or risky behavior? I use questions that pertain to these subjects as I am first "interviewing"/getting to know a guy. These are very revealing. Finally. Here's the secret to avoiding being hurt by these super kooks... You must never, ever, ever feel desperate or lonely for a guy or a relationship. Forget about men altogether. To have any feelings for a psychopath is your problem and only yours. You must eliminate any feelings of tenderness for these mega-über-psycho-loser-users. You must never allow these cretins into your life. This is serious. This is real. These guys are out there and they target you, Nice Women!! Be on your highest alert for these guys. A few are women. They are pretty obvious, too, as they seem to have people around them who are like them or are their pawns &/or seem to suffer from immunosuppressive symptoms. These predators are out there conspiring with other assclowns to target and destroy nice people. Make no mistake. I used to be so Pollyannaish after being married to the greatest guy for 16 years before he had a fatal industrial accident. Then I was thrust into this very scary society which I'd been isolated from while being married and in love. I saw somewhere to "Trust No One", and thought it odd and sad that anyone would even consider that as a lifestyle, but apparently this is exactly the kind of reptilian throwback mentality that one must never trust. These people, mostly men, are predatory and in one of the expert's opinions, these men are the single main reason that civilization, mankind, and all of humanity suffer rather than progress, even after all this time and energy spent to "get it right". Sadly, these cretinous ghouls and dregs of reptilian masquerading as mammalian, create all the drama in our lives, and basically amount to not only a waste of time but an unnecessary expenditure of resources. They are a drain on society, they create pointless drama and pain and they destroy not only their own lives, but many, many others. Nice people's lives. Anyone they can touch, they will hurt. Be on guard, Dear Sisters. Save yourselves!!!

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