10 Essential Things Guys Need to Have Johnny Depp's Style ...

By Meream

10 Essential Things Guys Need to Have Johnny Depp's Style ...

Not many people consider Johnny Depp stylish because his style is, well, so out there. I, on the other hand, have got nothing but love for his quirky and always-surprising looks. In fact, my adoration of his "style" made me want to write about the factors that make Johnny Depp's look truly his. If you are a guy (welcome to All Women Stalk!) and you want to copy his style, you might want to read this. If you are a girl who wants her boyfriend to dress up like Johnny, this will be helpful as well. So let's get started, shall we?

1 Hair

Hair If you want to give off Johnny Depp vibes, keeping your hair as messy as possible is essential. Sure, you can comb it nicely when you are invited to formal events but do not think that you cannot get away with having a messy do. Because you can.

2 Eyewear

Eyewear From traditional to violet-colored ones, you can never have too many sunglasses. And yes, guys can do geek chic, too.

3 Hat

Hat The same rule on eyewear applies to hats as well. From cowboy hats to beanies, they are essential to having a Johnny Depp style. If you are not really a hat person, you can stick to rocking cowboy hats.

4 Jeans

Jeans Ripped? Yes. Baggy? Yes. Comfy? Most definitely YES.

5 Shoes

Shoes Dress shoes for formal occasions, sure, but you can get away with wearing leather shoes that have seen better days. If you can find shoes that you can still rock 2 decades later, that's awesome.

6 Accessories

Accessories Johnny is seldom without his necklaces and bracelets. He wears at least 5 at the same time, it makes me think that he could be the resident accessories holder of his family. But they do give his look that artsy vibe.

7 Skin Art

Skin Art Johnny's tattoos are not for vanity's sake. He doesn't have them in order to appear tough or gangsta. His tattoos are sentimental, actually. Now you may not be into permanent skin art but that's okay. Showing that you hold your loved ones dear is enough.

8 Coat/Jacket

Coat/Jacket Variety is key but keeping the whole look grunge is important. Tie a jacket around your waist for good measure.

9 Facial Hair

Facial Hair While I love Johnny clean-shaven, there is something about his facial hair - his mustache and beard - that are just undeniably Johnny. Of course, there is the smile, too. If you can't pull off a mustache or beard, a smile that has a hint of mischief will suffice.

10 Attitude

Do not go for the superficial. Do not crave for fame. Find your passion and just BE. Knowing where your priorities lie and how to chase happiness is essential to have Johnny's style. After all, your attitude can show in the way you dress.

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Sigh. Visual orgasm! :p

do you realise the irony of the last piece of advice: do not go for the superficial!? The whole thing of trying to have Johnny Depp's style is superficial!

Great article. He is such a style icon.

OMG,...swoon!!!!!,this man is the sexiest thing ever!!,please girls vote for johnny on mtv!!! PLEASE!!!

yeah..so basically boys need clothes. got it, thanks. sight

Haha I had great fun collecting these photos! My boyfriend was giving me weird looks, actually. He was probably wondering if I was going through a high school phase :p

Well... I am a little distracted staring at all of his fab pictures. *swoon*

Ok I admit it tooo, he's hot and gives you the vibes all over your body!! :P Haha!! Yeeeahh! I'm one of them too! But personally I liked his blonde shoulder lenght hair in Blow! And I'm dying for him to style it that way again. He was extra damn hot and super sexy!

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