10 Things You Just Can't Change about Men


10 Things You Just Can't Change about Men
10 Things You Just Can't Change about Men

A relationship can get pretty confusing especially since men and women are so drastically different. Want to make your relationship work? Here are some**facts**** about men** that you should know as a woman!

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Didn’t I Say ‘I Love You’ Just Yesterday?

While women insist on saying those three little words far too often, it somehow isn’t that important to most men. Accept it. It doesn’t mean he loves you any less! Watch his actions. That should communicate louder than his words.


You Look Great Honey!

If you don’t want a standard response, don’t ask a standard question! It throws men off as there’s no right answer. You’re going to disbelieve him anyway. So save him the panic attack and ask your kids instead.


I Wasn’t Staring at Her!

Boys will be boys. You can’t complain if your guy notices your pretty office receptionist. If she’s pretty, he will notice! That’s his primal tendency. You can’t change what comes naturally to him and there’s no need to be overly jealous about it.


You’re Not Ready? It’s Late!

Well, he did say the party starts at 7. He doesn’t understand about being fashionably late. His idea of entertainment is not waiting in the car while you find that missing shoe. Try and respect his time. After all you could be spending more time together.


That’s a Nice Dress

Men love it when you take their advice on fashion. Why? They feel good that you’re dressing up for them and not to impress other women... or men! If he likes you in lilac, then by all means buy lilac. He will appreciate the thought.


Are You Bored?

He may be talking about F1 or his new tool kit, but look interested. It’s the least you can do for all the hours that you’ve tortured him with beauty talk and gossip on the neighbours!


You’re Simply Stunning!

Wouldn’t you want to hear those words from your man? It always feels great when your man compliments you. Then, don’t let yourself go! He wants to be the luckiest guy in the room when you both walk in as a couple.


I’m Not Thinking Anything...

Don’t bombard your man with questions just to find out how he’s feeling. He may not know what’s going on inside him. Sometimes, giving him a little space will help him sort things out peacefully.


Yes, I’m Wearing This!

Don’t ask your man ‘Will you be wearing that?’ just after he has dressed up. Isn’t it obvious? If you want him to dress better, then choose his clothes before he puts them on. It will certainly save you both a lot of time!


Let Me Just Fix It!

Men do not appreciate the ‘guessing game’. If you’re got a problem, tell him. He will want to find a solution that’s quick and fuss-free.

Men are wonderful creations if you know the inside secrets of how to deal with them on a daily basis. Hopefully these tips will cement your relationship for a long future!

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I have been on this website for SOO long.. Looking at all the Love advice and so forth. THEN I wasn't in a relationship.. Now I am! I need advice Men and Women.. Please Help ME!! This stuff is SOOOO true about men! (I think) But my boyfriend.. Is like my Best Friend.. I ALWAYS want to be with him. Which is surprising because normally I restrain myself from being that way! But I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF!!! And.. HE wants to be with his friends.. We spend ALOT of time together.. I feel like he is loosing interest in just "Being" with me.. And, I don't like that!! What do I do!?! I hate this feeling.. JustDontKnowSometimes

all this rules can be applied to whole life, dear :)

~If you don’t want a standard response, don’t ask a standard question!~ I really like this sentence!!! I can't agree more with thi! For me, this is appicable to all our daily life NOT only to men! lol

ave...can i know you??

What about if you only want to change what he wears and his personal hygiene? Is that ok? Or should you just not be with him because he looks scruffy or smells awful? What one wears is afterall an expression of a person's interior (sometimes, other times it doesn't matter to them at all). Is it vain to feel this way? I know that how someone looks shouldn't matter, but it seems that even unconsciously, it does.

Um what? he may notice the pretty receptionist?? this is the problem with these dumb relationship articles they have no idea what they're talking about. ladies, NO MAN should be gawking at other women especially when he's with you! its disrespectful and is a huge red flag.

Different stokes for different folks, Dixie. :)

...if only i've read this column three days before,..then we could still be together until now... too bad for me, but now i know what to do next..this column says it all! and i'm really ashamed of myself...

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