8 Things Women Love about Men ...


8 Things Women Love about Men ...
8 Things Women Love about Men ...

There are many things in a man that will turn a woman on in a matter of minutes. Now, we know that one of those is good looks, so there is no need to add that to the list of 8 things women love about men. Below, you will find some things women love about men …

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Is Good with Kids

When you see a man that is good with kids, what do you think? Do you like that soft side of him? This is what many women enjoy – they enjoy men that are good with kids. There’s just something neat about watching that soft side come out in a guy.


Makes Her Feel Protected

When a guy makes a woman feel protected, they feel special. Many women enjoy the protected feeling when they have a guy staying over.


A Good Listener

When a guy is a good listener, this can be a big turn on. You can tell when he is listening, because he will look interested and join in on the conversation with you. Guys, believer it or not, women like this.


When They Wear Pajamas

I don’t know what it is, but when I see my husband in pajamas, I really like it. Especially after he has just came out of the shower and has wet hair. Call me weird, but that is something I like.


Is a Man

What do I mean by this? By saying that he is a “man,” I mean that he does not spend hours in front of the mirror like a woman would. He does not have to get every strand just right and he does not put lots of creams on. He’s a man, he isn’t afraid to get dirty and he is not afraid of hard work – that is what a woman likes.



When a man is funny and can make you laugh, then that is a big turn on. Many women enjoy when a man is able to make them laugh. However, if they are to the point where they are a class clown, this is something that women do not like.


Singing in the Car

Do you know something that is cute? When a man is sitting there, singing while he is driving and then, when the woman starts to listen, he all of a sudden starts to get quiet. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.



Guys, listen up, because you could learn from this one. The number one thing a lot of women like in a man is when they are polite. Face it, if you have your head up your butt all the time and have a bad attitude, a woman is not going to like you as much.

There you have 8 things women love about men. Take note that I’m not actually speaking for every woman out there. Some women may not like these things. We’re all different just as we are all entitled to our own opinion. Which reminds me – I want to know: what do you love in a man? Name 3 things you love.

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I love a funny guy! That is sooo attractive to me. =))

Yes so true ^_^

I adore it when guys are good with kids:)

i'm a high school student puh!!!, and i nid help, there is someone i really love, and i really don't know how to let her know about my feelings for her???

When he's dressed in a casual style. He looked so manly =)

Confidence to do anything is to die for.

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