8 Mean Things Women do to Men


Here is a list with 8 mean things women do to men described in it. I've seen a lot of mean things in my time and I know many of the following examples can easily go both ways; either women do them to men or men do them to women. I'm sure you've come across a few women in your lifetime who have played games with their men and done some of the mean examples I've listed below. Feel free to add your own examples in the comment section.

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Ignore Them

Sometimes it is necessary to ignore the antics of a man who is deliberately trying to impress you by displaying his wittiness that is coming off as cheesiness. However, women who intentionally ignore men they are supposed to be romantically involved with seems rather mean to me. A friend and I were just talking about this last night. He was telling me about a mutual friend of ours whose girlfriend completely ignores him (the mutual friend) and doesn't show any affection whatsoever, yet he is determined to stay with her. I feel bad for the guy, but there's nothing I can say to change his mind.


Ditch Them when the Girls Come over

I know girls need their space too, but I'm sure most guys feel a bit hurt when their girl wants to hang out with friends and doesn't want him around too. When this happens all the time, I think it seems a bit mean. It might not be as bad if the gal and guy have a mutual agreement on this arrangement; she hangs with the girls and he leaves or he hangs with the guys and she leaves.



Yelling at someone to try to get your point across is never a good thing, I don't care who you are. There's nothing that will be proved by raising your voice to an excessively loud level, that can't be formulated in a reasonable tone. I've seen women yell at their man in public, thinking it makes them appear more superior. I think this just shows they can't control their anger and makes them appear more weak instead.


Make Them Beg for Forgiveness

Some women feel they need to be begged for forgiveness by their man. I know a few women feel like they deserve it, while others just enjoy humiliating their guy. I think most guys will apologize if they are truly sorry, but there's no need to make them beg for you to accept their apology as well.


Guilt Them into Doing Something They Don't Want to do

A few guys end up making themselves feel guilty, simply by over-thinking. They feel there must be some sort of hidden meaning in a girl's reply and they end up agreeing to do something they don't want to do, just because they are worried about making the girl mad. On the other hand, I know plenty of girls who can throw a mean guilt trip on their men and can get them to do anything.


Belittle Them in Front of Friends

No guy wants to be the butt of a joke or demeaned in front of his friends, or their girlfriend's friends either. Putting a guy down, sharing personal information about him, calling him names, or making fun of him in anyway in front of friends is a terrible thing to do. It might be alright if you both have a relationship that involves a lot of joking and humor involved, but I still think it's too easy to cross the line between being funny and being downright rude.


Lead Them on

This is one thing that I seem to hear of happening a lot. I've also known both men and women who do this sort of thing. No matter who it happens to, it's not a nice thing at all. If you truly don't care about the person, then why are you pretending to? I just don't see the point in it.


Get Pregnant on Purpose

I think this isn't only mean to do to the man, but it isn't going to help anyone in the relationship. Think of the poor kid involved too. There is so much animosity that forms between two people when something like this happens.

Out of these 8 mean things women do to men, have you ever done any of them to a person you loved?

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#1 Is clearly awful but 3 IMO is the second worst on this list. Belittling anyone is bad but doing in front of their friends is a great way to singledom.

no.8 is something i do to a guy... but only because i'm so shy and terrified and i don't know how to behave around him!!! and he must be hating me because i ignore him... sigh....

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