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10 Things Guys Have Fun Doing ...

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It seems like guys can always find some form of entertainment and the older they get, the more involved their idea of fun becomes. For instance, my teenage boys enjoy playing video games, while my husband would much rather be outside working in his wood shop. I’ve thought about all the things my house full of guys enjoy doing and have listed them below. See what you think about my list of 10 things guys have fun doing.

10 Racing Cars

Guys seem to love anything to do with speed and ways to get a huge adrenaline rush. Racing cars definitely falls into both of these categories. The next best thing to racing cars is attending an actual car race.

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9 Playing Sports

Most guys tend to be very sports oriented. They enjoy the rough and tumble aspect of sports. The more gruesome a sporting event is the more draw there is. American football and rugby can both be very brutal, but that’s what guys seem to crave.

8 Building Things

Constructing even the smallest objects allow guys show just how handy they can be. From building a model airplane to putting an addition on the house, creating something out of nothing makes guys feel very useful.

7 Fixing Things

Speaking of feeling useful, I know my husband enjoys fixing things around the house more than building something from scratch. Whether he’s repairing one of the computers, helping one of the boys fix a vehicle, or changing a non-functioning part on the toilet, he thinks fixing things around the house is actually a lot of fun.

6 Buying New Tools

Remember that show with Tim Allen that used to be on television? That has always been how I imagine men reacting when they start talking about buying new tools or when they tell friends about a new tool purchase that was recently made. Guys and tools seem to go together. Most of my husband’s reading material consists of magazines that are filled with tools and large machinery.

5 Watching Action Movies

Although I can usually talk my husband into sitting through a chick flick with me, I know he’d much rather be watching a movie filled with car chases, fight scenes, and some random gunfire.

4 Driving Big Machinery

This is another fun thing guys like to do where bigger is better. A riding lawn mower might be fun for some guys, but bulldozers or road grading equipment might be more exciting for other men. My husband is thrilled any time he gets to drive a forklift, backhoe, or any other type of construction equipment.

3 Checking out the Ladies

I know more than a handful of guys who enjoy hanging out together and ogling girls as they pass by. This isn’t only a pastime at the local mall either. It seems that wherever women are present, some guy somewhere in the crowd is making mental comments or jabbering to his friend about a woman or women that he has noticed.

2 Rough Housing

I don’t know if this actually falls higher on the list than number 3 does, but that’s where I’m putting it! I’ve always compared my boys to puppies. When they get together with their friends, they seem to spend a lot of time romping around and wrestling on the ground. I’ve even seen older men do this from time to time. It does seem to be less exciting for middle-age guys, which I find reassuring. I don’t have to worry about my husband going by and giving me a noogie on top of the head or anything like that. However, sometimes the boys can convince him to rough house a bit with them, but this doesn’t last very long!

1 Anything That Gives Them an Adrenaline Rush

I thought I’d lump a number of activities into one single category, since they all have the same effect on the guy partaking in them. The adrenaline rush seems to be the ultimate form of fun for a large number of guys. Some men might need a more extreme activity than others, in order to get the rush he craves. Activities that fall into this category include riding motorcycles, skydiving, swimming with sharks, bungee jumping, and anything that has an element of speed and/or danger.

Out of this list of 10 things guys have fun doing, which one would you rank as number one? I’m sure you can think of quite a few more things guys enjoy doing, so feel free to list some!

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