10 Things Guys Find Sexy ...


10 Things Guys Find Sexy ...
10 Things Guys Find Sexy ...

You've heard it said before "Men are from mars, women are from venus," indicating lots of differences, like the things guys find sexy, what they find important, and so on. Well, there are many times I think it may be true! But if we weren't so different, how would we ever attract each other? I'm afraid most heterosexual guys will tell you that one of the things guys think are sexy about girls is the fact that they are, well, girls! And you may be surprised to find out some of the other traits guys find sexy! According to most guys, a girl's looks and physical shape are quite obviously sexy. But there are other things, things that you do or say, that totally attract guys. Want to know what they are? Well, get ready! Keep reading my article on 10 things guys find sexy and I will tell you what they are!

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When You Workout

It's no surprise that guys may find girls especially sexy during or just after a workout. Not only does your body emit certain pheromones during a workout, but your circulation is going and your skin is glowing! And then there's all that sweat glistening off your body! But in the long run, I think workouts are one thing guys find sexy because it shows a girl cares about her appearance, and she has discipline and perseverance to keep it looking nice.


Besides the physical attraction, there's also the admiration for the dedication it takes to maintain a fitness routine. Consistency and commitment to self-care can be incredibly appealing, as they are qualities that can translate into other areas of a relationship. Watching someone push their limits, master a new fitness skill, or simply enjoy the endorphin rush from intense physical activity can be a turn-on. It's not just the toned muscles or the physical prowess that's sexy, but the determination and self-love that shines through when a girl is in her workout zone.


When You Stand up for Somebody

Standing up for someone who is being treated wrongly shows a lot about your character. And it's one of the things guys find sexy! Even if it's someone on the news or someone that you've never met, but you know they are being treated wrongly, it still counts. A guy loves to see that a girl stands up against a crowd because it shows that she is strong and she has a heart!


When You Eat What You Want

I have never met a guy who was even a little bit attracted to a girl who nit picked at a salad and some raisins for her dinner. Guys find it extremely attractive when a girl has what she wants and doesn't whine and moan about how fat it's going to make her. Eating what you want shows that you are confident and comfortable in your skin and you aren't self-conscientious about your image. However, it's always good to exercise self control!


When You Speak Another Language

Knowing another language, having any kind of accent...even when you are just attempting to learn a new language, that's one thing that guys find sexy! It shows that you are interested in other cultures, and that you have ambition and drive! And you never know when it may come in handy. If you would like to learn a language, but don't have a lot of time, try downloading free apps for your phone from online to learn the language of your choice.


When You Are Asleep

I've heard a lot of guys talk about how they love to watch a girl sleeping. Some guys even say that she looks like an angel! Well, maybe we do, but I still think it's surprising that watching a girl sleep is one of the things that guys find sexy! Ah well, more of an excuse for you to curl up next to him and fall asleep on his shoulder, right?


It might have to do with that peaceful, unguarded state we're in when we're asleep. There's something intimate and trustful about letting someone observe us in our most vulnerable moments. Plus, it must be adorable to see someone so wrapped up in dreamland, a slight smile playing on their lips as they drift through whatever fantasy they're living in their dreams. So go ahead, snuggle up and let the sandman do his work. Who knows, you might be giving someone the dreamiest sight of their day!


When You Know How to Laugh

You know that girl who has a very loud, shrill, obnoxious, snorty laugh? I guarantee you won't find many guys who find that sexy! But a girl with a graceful, beautiful laugh who finds every excuse to use it is probably a goddess to most men. And knowing how to laugh in any awkward, embarrassing or date-gone-wrong scenario just makes you that much more attractive to him. Try to remember to use your genuine laugh often in life!


When You Cook a Good Meal

It's been said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. It's still true! My uncle has a saying, "Ya gotta eat." Well, you do! So try cooking up something yummy, even break-and-bake cookies with sprinkles on top if you're not a gourmet cook will look scrumptious to him. See if he finds that sexy!


When You Aren't Afraid to Jump in

I am the type of person who HATES making decisions. I like to be told what to do, or have strong council or direction given to me before I make a decision on an important matter. Even the small ones are hard for me to make sometimes! But my husband is a good leader and helps me make those decisions. However, many guys these days appreciate a girl who just takes the leap and doesn't worry about what may or may not happen when she does it. Spontaneity and variety can be perks in life, so remember that!


When You Know What You Want in Life

A girl who doesn't hem-haw around when it comes to living her life is a big thing guys find sexy. You only get one life to live! And a girl who goes after her dreams and goals with a passion is incredibly beautiful in a wonderful sort of way. Being confident and having goals in life is what helps you become a success. So take a step back and re-evaluate your priorities. Do you have goals in life?


When You Help out

Lending a helping hand to those in need around you is a very attractive quality to have. It makes you beautiful on the inside! If a girl has a lovely face, it will never mean anything if her attitude stinks. So be beautiful on the inside and stop and take a few minutes to help your neighbor load her groceries into the car. Offer to babysit your sister's kids and help your cousin with his term paper. When a girl sacrifices her time to help someone out, that's one of the traits guys find sexy!

Having or not having these qualities doesn't make you "sexy" or "not sexy." But these are things that guys find sexy-most guys anyway. Don't ever forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what appeals to one person may not appeal to the next! I hope my list of 10 things guys find sexy has been helpful to you! What else do you think men find attractive? Please comment below!

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I would have to add that guys love it when you can drink. Not just girly drinks but whiskey and cokes and Guinness's. My BF loves when I have a shot and a Guinness with him.

i would love the be in this thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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