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Women for a long time now have shown their independence. More and more of them have become ‘career women’ and some have even reached heights where only men have trod. However one thing that remains the same is in the kitchen – men expect dinner on the table when they get home from work. Here are 7 reasons a man should cook for a woman.

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Men Make Great Cooks

Everyone likes to watch a bit of TV, the soaps, the game shows, the national lottery and of course those fantastic cooking shows. They are so popular that whenever you turn on the television you find a program about cooking being shown. Now forgive me if I am wrong but most of the ‘chefs’ featured in these shows are guys and they are very good at their jobs. Most have well known restaurants somewhere, so with this thought in mind men obviously make extraordinarily good cooks, so there’s one reason a man should cook for a woman and proves he’s worthy.


A Celebration

It’s your birthday, your boyfriend or husband usually likes to take you out for a meal, but really he should try to impress you by organizing a meal for two at home. He should prepare an intimate dinner at home to celebrate the occasion, like this he could afford to buy you a more expensive birthday present with the extra cash he’s saved by not taking you out to an expensive restaurant.


Making up

Every couple has a moment or two when tempers flare. What a great reason for a man to cook for a woman as a “let’s make up” gesture. What woman wouldn’t be surprised with a meal he has cooked specially.



You are just out of hospital after that skiing accident, your leg is in plaster and you have to sleep on the downstairs sofa. Your other half can’t cook for toffee but guess what, he does make the effort and manages to get you some beans on toast or even some scrambled eggs.


Sharing the Load

Women are busier than ever these days, they have jobs, they run the home as well as taking care of the kids and not forgetting the dog. Men are busy too but just occasionally they should surprise their other halves with a meal ready on the table. A terrific reason for a man to cook for a woman meaning she can relax when she gets home after picking the kids up from school after she has finished an exhausting day at work.


It’s Only Fair

Your husband or boyfriend is ‘between jobs’, you are in full employment and struggle to keep on top of everything when it comes to organizing the home. The answer is simple: the one at home should be doing the household chores and this includes the cooking.


To Say Thank You

You have treated your loved one to the thing he adores, something he has always wanted to do but just couldn’t justify the expense. In a moment of madness you decide to get it for him. Well, as a ‘thank you’ the least you can expect is for him to surprise you and cook you a fantastic meal that is actually edible. It’s lovely to know you are appreciated by your partner. The meal doesn’t have to be anything special just the thought and the gesture is enough.

If you can think of any more reasons why a man should cook for a woman please let us know or share your stories of when the effort was made but went badly wrong. After all some men can burn boiling water (but then so can some women!)

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