8 Types of Women Guys Avoid ...


8 Types of Women Guys Avoid ...
8 Types of Women Guys Avoid ...

Just as women are not attracted to certain types of behavior a guy has, guys do the same thing. Are you worried that your behavior could be chasing a lot of guys off? There are certain types of women that some guys will go out of their way to avoid. Below are 8 types of women guys avoid, but don't worry if you recognize any of these traits in your actions, because they aren't true deal-breakers. I am not telling you to change your personality, but to keep those male-unfriendly behaviors in check …

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Liars are definitely one type of women guys avoid. Actually, I think this is a big turn-off for most people, not just guys. I know I’d rather be with someone I could trust to tell me the truth than someone who constantly lied to me.



I don’t think all guys pick up on this characteristic right away. When they realize later on what it is, they tend to be inclined to move on and find someone a bit more humble. It’s one thing to be proud and humble, but it’s a whole new ball of wax when a woman feels she is better than everyone around her.



Drama should be left for stage performances only. A lot of damage is done when women become over dramatic. Some do it for attention, while others thrive on the feeling it gives them. I’ve known many women who can’t seem to function correctly without a plethora of drama in their lives.



Another type of women guys avoid is the impolite type. Most guys don’t want to take a rude girl home to meet mom and dad. I have quite a few guy friends who were attracted to the ladies they are currently with because these women were very polite. A woman who is rude to a guy’s friends or who doesn’t possess even a shred of manners will not be pursued as often as a polite female is.



I don’t know anyone who likes a nag, whether or not there is even a relationship going on. Guys don’t want to have someone nagging at them all the time. They might also associate nagging with bossiness, and this tends to remind them of when they were growing up. The guys I know don’t want to date someone who acts like their mother.



What guy wants to feel like he’s being drilled for information all the time? An overbearing woman tends to want to be in charge of every little move her man makes and each decision that arises. This is one way to make a man feel less ‘manly’ and most guys try to avoid feeling that way.



Whining isn’t usually acceptable when kids do it, let alone witnessing a grown woman engaging in this attention-getting tactic. One of my pet peeves is whining, so I have a hard time seeing how any man could be attracted to a woman who whines about things. It's not hard to understand why this is a type of women guys avoid.



It’s one thing for a woman to enjoy hanging out with her man and another for her to not be able to leave his side. Most guys like to have at least a little bit of freedom to do what they want. It would be unnerving to have someone wanting to tag along to every little thing.

Feel free to comment on these 8 types of women guys avoid. What additional female characteristics or mannerisms do you think tend to scare guys off?

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I think this list is true for the reverse gender as well ;)

I think these things goes for both . If we have psycho boys ,you have to admit we also have psycho girls . The ones,who behave like nuts in each and every situation .Gives you warning of suicide or threatens to cut wrist . I did come across one such girl and I know what all I did to get her off my back. All have some Pros and Cons ,its just that you have to find that 1 whose high's and Low's matches yours .

I have a similar thing on my website "10 Signs You're Toxic" .. They are things often over looked.. and then we're left cross eyed because we can't understand why the doofus left us.

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