The Different Types of Men to Stay Away from ...


The Different Types of Men to Stay Away from ...
The Different Types of Men to Stay Away from ...

Currently on the market? Good for you, girl! But make sure you read this post before rushing into a new relationship. Here are ten types of men that are not likely to make you happy, and from my point of view, it's better to stay away from them as soon as they show one of these patterns.

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Born Complainers ...

Nothing will ever be good enough for this man, you’ll always be too loud, too stupid, too happy..... Avoid him like you would the plague, you’ll never be good enough for him and he’ll just kill your self esteem.


His criticisms will seep into every facet of your life, from the way you dress to the friends you choose. Even your greatest achievements will be met with indifference or belittlement. He's the dark cloud on your sunniest days, eager to point out the possibility of rain. Engaging with him is exhausting, as he thrives on highlighting flaws and ignores any attempt at optimism. For the sake of your mental health and happiness, sidestep this emotional minefield. You deserve to be celebrated, not constantly torn down.


‘Damaged’ Men ...

... Who don’t want to be fixed. On your first date he’ll announce that he is not over his broken heart. On your tenth, you’ll realise that he isn’t just broken hearted; he enjoys it, and has made a solemn pact to never let anybody in again. His armour is so thick that you’ll never get through, so don’t waste your time trying.


He might spin tales of how his past has left him forlorn, but what he’s really doing is laying down an impenetrable gauntlet—a challenge you won't conquer, despite your best intentions. You may be tempted to play healer, to be the one who warms his cold heart. Yet, the truth is stark; he’s settled into his role as the lone wolf, relishing his emotional solitude. Spare yourself the emotional toil: such a man isn’t looking for salvation, he's basking in his self-crafted narrative of the brooding bachelor, unreachable and unwavering.


Guys That Love Sports More than You ...

Most guys will put a sport first at some point, but you know that he’ll be there for you if you need him. Guys who love sports too much, however, won’t care if the house is on fire or the baby's crying, he’ll just want another beer and some “peace” to watch the match.


Men Who Analyse You ...

He thinks he’s Freud, and analyses your every move, from the flavour of crisp you choose to what you watch on TV. He’ll sit with a smug smile, convinced that by labelling you he’ll be keeping you hooked. Soon he’ll be trying to “fix” you with his weird theories... bin him now.


Pretty-Pretty Boys ...

He will just leave you feeling ugly while he spends his time fixing his hair and acting more beautiful and delicate than you. Find a more masculine man, and leave him preening himself.


A relationship should be a partnership of equals, not a competition for the mirror. If he's always seeking the spotlight with his flawless appearance, chances are he'll hardly notice yours. You're not an accessory to accentuate his looks; you're a person who deserves to shine. Instead of being overshadowed by a man's vanity, find someone who appreciates and celebrates your unique beauty, without turning it into a contest of who draws more admiration when you walk into a room. Choose a partner who isn't consumed by his own reflection – one who sees and loves you for who you are.


Mr. I'm-Better-than-Everyone ...

He won’t do you any favours either. He’ll never smile, or be happy for you, and if you spend long enough with him you’ll start to despise the human race too. Leave him to feel smugly better than anyone, and go meet someone amazing.


Paranoid Men ...

Something gave them the green eyed monster, and it’s just never gone away. He’ll presume you're cheating, hate anything that makes you look good and constantly accuse you of flirting with others. He won’t be happy until he’s the only person in your life, so bail now.


Men Who Just Haven’t Grown up ...

These 7 Things It's Okay for Men to do ... @Melanie refuse to get a job, blame everyone else for their laziness and unhappiness, and are constantly outraged that they are not respected. If he hasn’t grown up by now, chances are he’ll never take any responsibility, so stay well clear.


Cheaters ...

Obviously, it doesn’t matter who this guy has waiting for him at home, if he sees somebody he likes, he’ll seduce them. Save yourself the heartache and live by the old saying, “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” because if it wasn’t true, wouldn’t somebody have proved it wrong by now?


Cruel Men ...

The kind of man who gets off from the power of refusing to take you somewhere, or spend money on you, or any type of power at all. He won’t get better, and it’s not because he loves you. Walk away, as fast as you can.

Have you dated one of these types? Or do you know about other dangerous kinds we all should be aware of? Please do share ...


Cruel men are those who use their power to manipulate and control their partners. They may start off with small acts of cruelty such as refusing to take you somewhere or refusing to spend money on you. This behavior may seem innocent at first, but it can quickly escalate to more dangerous forms of manipulation and control.

These men may also use guilt and shame to try to control you. They may try to make you feel like you are not worthy of their attention or love. They may also try to make you feel like you are the one causing all the problems in the relationship.

Cruel men may also use threats and intimidation to try to get their way. They may threaten to harm themselves or you if you don't do what they want. They may also threaten to leave you or take away your access to money or other resources.

Cruel men are not likely to get better on their own, so it's important to recognize the signs of a cruel man and take steps to protect yourself. If you are in a relationship with a cruel man, it is important to reach out for help. Talk to a trusted friend or family member, or seek help from a professional.

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I saw the link to this blog and thought "Oh.. I hope my boyfriend doesn't fall into any of these categories," and read it just to see if he did. Turns out he doesn't! Guess he's a keeper =) fantastic blog btw

jockeys. irish jockeys. never, ever, ever go there!

I think that those who are complaining about this list falls to the list #1... I think that these kind of men are other men should stay also away from.

This is horrible advice a girl/women/anyone could ever get! First, after reading this retarted article I've realized that girls or whoever reads this get brainwashed, then they realize that they are too scared of any guy that comes along in fear of one of these potiential 10 guys to avoid. Second, if you guys get scared, that is the bigger setback because if you rule out any potentials your going to have to draw your own guy or go abroad to find a man. The point is that there are so many different guys everywhere, the point of having so many different guys is to try a few out, make some conclusion on your own, and along the process you will find a guy thats right for you... not for this site/blog/whatever... whoever made this was a lesbian and hates men for all i see..

LOL these 10 just described 90% of all men on the planet

I will openly admit that I contain many of the types on this list, but not for the reasons this list suggests. Hence this list is a load of bullshit. The kind of woman who makes a great wife stands by you through thick and thin, and when you have problems, works through them with you. Those who ditch just aren't worth the effort or time. I will admit to having insecurities and what I need is validation, why should I have to feel perfect or adequate with myself 100% of the time?? What kind of expectation is that? Just because I have these insecurities doesn't mean I will be everything else this retarded list suggests. I am probably the least jealous guy you will ever meet, and as long as we communicate well, I'm fine. And I don't need you around all day every day, I do have things to do. So that's just one of the points on this list. Don't condemn a guy just cause he shows some weakness. I guarantee if he shows NO weakness he will play on your attraction to him and he will use you up whether you are consciously aware or not. Do you know why he can do this?? Because of this confidence that you are so infatuated with. He doesn't need you. This is how women end up with "jerks" and think all men are pigs bla bla. If I knew a girl friend of mine was down, I would be there for her, and that to me shows respect and understanding. I would expect the same from her. There are always reasons for a person's demise, so do not be so quick to judge if he happens to be down, and perhaps for a while. Help a guy out. He will cherish and appreciate you even more for it, should a coupling come out from this interaction. And no, this does not necessarily mean he will be clingy. For the most part, this list is a load of shit.

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