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7 Things Men Love... and Why ...

By Jennifer

Men and woman are so different. I adore men, but sometimes I just don’t understand them… and what they like! Why do they enjoy certain things, and loathe the things we love (like shoe shopping)? I’ve asked a few male friends, and here’s a list of 7 things men love, and why…

1 Cars

CarsPhoto Credit: gmeurope

Men love cars. Talking about cars, looking at cars, driving cars, doing anything to do with cars. Have you noticed your guys’ eyes light up during car commercials? I actually kind of agree with this one, being a Chevy car girl myself (I can tell any model year of Corvette from a mile away), but what is it with men and cars? According to several male friends, they love the daredevil factor, and the muscle factor. The faster, sleeker, more muscle-y the better!

2 Beer

BeerPhoto Credit: fuzzirella

What man doesn’t love beer? In fact, Ben Franklin once said that beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy. While there are lots of women brewers, and women who enjoy beer, for men, it’s something more than a beverage. Why? Why are all the beer commercials geared towards men? This is a question not even I can answer, and neither could any of my male friends. Hmm.


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Always on bold lipstick

3 Women

WomenPhoto Credit: isayx3

Ah, vive le difference! We know men love women of all shapes and sizes… but why? According o my anthropology professor, it’s genetic. After thousands of years of evolution, men have been genetically programmed to enjoy women, from the way we look to the way we smell and even the way we walk. So no matter what you look like, or how big you think your thighs are, there are dozens of men you know who love you… exactly how you are…

4 Movies Where Stuff Explodes

Movies Where Stuff ExplodesPhoto Credit: noamgalai

We can tell from a preview which movies are geared towards men (lots of guns, car chases, boobs, and explosions) and which are geared towards women (drama, weddings, frenemies). Why do men love movies where everything explodes and the women wear next to nothing? In short, because stress and danger makes men hot. It’s true.

5 Red Lingerie

Red LingeriePhoto Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

Men love lingerie, being visual, but why do they seem to have a preference for the color red? Red panties, red bras, red dresses, red shoes… even just a hint of red in an outfit is enough to get a man’s attention. But why? It’s another visual trigger that goes way back in our evolutionary history, letting men know which women were “in the mood,” and which weren’t receptive.

6 Expensive Watches

Expensive WatchesPhoto Credit: Jarod Carruthers

I’ve never met a man who didn’t have at least two watches, and most have even more. Why do men love watches? According to my boyfriend, who admits he has a “thing” for watches, “they’re just cool.” Well then, mystery solved.

7 Electronic Gadgets

Electronic GadgetsPhoto Credit: ًWeda3eah*

iPods, computers, car gadgets, cooking gadgets, and more — our house is full of the expensive gadgets my boyfriend has collected, and that doesn’t include the new flat-screen TV and BluRay player. What is it with men and electronics?

Even if you love these things, too, it’s nearly certain that your guy loves them more, and now we know why! It’s okay, though — they’ll never love shoes or Twilight as much as we do. Does you guy love all these things? Or is he distracted by something else? Please let me know!

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