7 Secrets to Understanding the opposite Sex ...


7 Secrets to Understanding the opposite Sex ...
7 Secrets to Understanding the opposite Sex ...

Most of the 7 secrets to understanding the opposite sex that I’ve listed below aren’t really secrets anymore. Women tend to know and understand the hidden cues their men give them. These cues are sometimes sent unconsciously, but they are there nonetheless. If you are still trying to figure guys out and the list below isn’t helping, then try talking to a guy for some straight forward answers. I was able to have my husband explain the reasoning behind some of the ‘secrets’ mentioned below.

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They Don’t Always Mean to Say the Wrong Thing

A few of my lady friends get their feelings hurt on a regular basis, just because their guys are tactless in how they deliver messages. For instance, a friend and her husband were getting ready to go out for dinner. She asked him how he liked her outfit and he told her he liked the red one better. My friend considered this to be a negative remark about her clothing she had on and refused to go to dinner. All I can say is she asked for his opinion and he said he liked the red one better. He never said, ‘That one looks like crap. Put the red one on.’


‘Huh?’ Doesn’t Always Mean He Didn’t Hear You

This response tends to be connected with stalling. I know both my boys use this tactic when asked about homework. They haven’t thought of a response in advance, so they feign deafness to try and buy some time to form one on the fly. This never works in their favor. Their father and I can always see right through it. There is also the eye shift that sometimes accompanies the questionable response to unwanted questions.


Game Day is Sacred

My grandfather was a huge fan of baseball. He would holler at the television in the basement and fits of rage would erupt at the slightest hint of a bad call during the game. I learned at an early age that when my grandfather was watching the game that it was best to completely avoid the basement, at all cost. What might seem like a simple game to a woman is the game of a lifetime to a man.


They Want What They Can’t Have

This is most often used when referring to women, but it can also pertain to lots of other things. Cars, machinery, sports tickets, gadgets, and numerous additional items tend to be more desirable when they are considered to be unattainable. Sure, women can be just as guilty of this as guys can, but men seem to become absolutely obsessed with obtaining some things. This obsession can easily become so severe that it is downright scary!


Multi-tasking is Not Usually an Option

Neither of my boys can talk and do dishes at the same time. They both stand there talking; one with his hands in the soapy water and the other clutching a dry tea towel. I’ve noticed that talking and driving seems to be difficult for some guys. Luckily they tend to have quick reflexes and don’t usually end up on the side of the road when they talk and drive. My husband is one of the few exceptions to this rule. I think this is due to the many years of working in the movie industry where multi-tasking wasn’t an option, it was how you kept your job.


‘Later’ Could Mean Months from Now

When a guy says he’ll do something later, this doesn’t mean it will be completed in any specific amount of time. I know a few women who say they will do something later and it still gets done in the same day. However, I have yet to see this happen when a guy mentions the word ‘later’ when it is attached to the completion of a task of some sort. If you want to make sure a project is completed on time, then you’ll need to ask for a specific time and not settle for ‘later’.


Men Think Differently than Women

Studies have shown that men and women have very different ways of thinking. In short, you can’t blame a guy’s behavior on anything other than him being just that; a guy. It takes careful focus to understand where some guys are coming from when they express their train of thought. Don’t give up! You'll figure it out eventually.

These 7 secrets to understanding the opposite sex are actually some of the most common secrets revealed. However, it’s impossible to lump all guys together and say they all think the same. For instance, some men think sports are a waste of time. There are also guys who will complete a project as soon as is arises, whether they came up with the idea of the project or their partner did. Do you think you know of some actual secrets for understanding men that you think others might not know about?

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They also have the same complain against us.

No matter how much I try.. I can never understand men sometimes.

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