Top 20 Complaints Women Make about Men ...


Top 20 Complaints Women Make about Men ...
Top 20 Complaints Women Make about Men ...

The other day, I wrote a blog on complaints men have about women and I have decided that it is time for the women to take a shot! Of course, many of these complaints on here are not from me. Actually, none of these complaints are from me. I read blogs, articles, forums and magazines a lot. I also talk to friends and my team of writers a lot and they always open up to me about their relationship. Out of all of them, I have came up with top 20 complaints women make about men. Of course, not all women will have these complaints, but sometimes, a man will give a woman the right to complain.

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All He Wants is Sex


This text is referring to the 20th complaint women make about men, which is that men often don't listen to what women have to say, and instead just want to get what they want. Women often feel like men don't take the time to understand their needs and feelings, and instead just want to get what they want and move on. This can be particularly frustrating in relationships, as women may feel like their partner isn't taking the time to understand them. Additionally, this type of behavior can lead to a lack of trust and communication in a relationship, which can further complicate the dynamics.


He Gets Angry Easy


He Leaves His Dirty Clothes Everywhere


He Doesn’t Return My Calls


He Doesn’t Shave


One common grievance often voiced by women is that their male counterparts fail to sufficiently express their emotions or verbalize affection. In many relationships, this emotional reticence can create a divide, leaving women feeling disconnected or unappreciated. While men might believe that actions speak louder than words, it's important to remember that a simple "I love you" or a heartfelt compliment can go a long way. Emotions are not a weakness; when shared, they can tremendously strengthen the bond between partners.


He Plays Games Too Much


He Plays Games Too is one of the top 20 complaints women make about men. Women often feel that men are too distracted by their video games and not paying enough attention to them. Women also feel that men are choosing to spend more time playing video games than they are spending time with them. The amount of time spent playing video games can have a negative effect on a relationship, as it can cause the woman to feel neglected and unimportant.

Women also feel that men are too focused on their video games and not taking the time to talk to them or even listen to them. Women may feel that the relationship is one sided with the man always wanting to play video games instead of spending quality time with them. This can lead to feelings of resentment and anger.

In addition, women may feel that their partner is not being honest with them when it comes to the amount of time spent playing video games. They may feel that their partner is lying about how much time he is spending on video games and not being honest about it. This can cause a lot of tension and arguments between the couple.


He Doesn’t Spend Enough Time with Me


He Eats as if There is No Tomorrow


Many women have raised concerns over their partner's seemingly ravenous appetites, likening it to a bottomless pit. Some men, they say, devour meals with a ferocity that suggests a primal fear of imminent food scarcity. Such eating habits, usually devoid of manners and grace, can be off-putting, especially during social gatherings or intimate dinners. It's as though every meal might be their last, and the concept of savoring their food is alien to them. This is often paired with an apparent aversion to understanding what portion control means, leaving their partners to wonder if they understand basic dining etiquette at all.


He Burns Noodles


Struggling to remember the last time he actually gazed into her eyes rather than at his searing steak on the barbecue, women lament how men often become fire-obsessed pyromaniacs come grilling season. Whether it's the primal urge to play with fire or the macho facade of being the ultimate pitmaster, their insistence on burning everything from burgers to buns can leave much to be desired at the dinner table. The charm of a man who can handle his flames is undeniable, but there’s a fine line between a delicious chargrill and dinner reminiscent of charcoal.


He Has a Bad Memory


He Doesn’t Help with the Baby


He Doesn’t Communicate


Listen fully to her. When she shares her thoughts and feelings, he seems distant or preoccupied, as if tuning her out. This can be especially frustrating during important conversations or when she's seeking emotional support. It's not just about being physically present; attentiveness is key. If she feels like she's talking to a wall, it can lead to a feeling of loneliness and disconnection within the relationship, which is the exact opposite of what she seeks when turning to her partner for a listening ear.


He Sucks at Managing Money


He’d Rather Go out with His Friends


He Does Not Know How to Dress


He Drives like He Got His License from the Cereal Box


Sex is Too Fast


Many women lament that their partners are overzealous in seeking intimate encounters, often prioritizing their own desires without fully considering their partner's mood or emotional readiness. It's not just about the frequency, but the quality of the connection. Women crave a balance, seeking tenderness and emotional intimacy as part of the sexual experience. When it feels like a checkbox activity, it can lead to feelings of being undervalued and misunderstood. Emotional presence and attunement to a partner's needs can often be the missing ingredient that transforms a routine encounter into a deeply satisfying and bonding experience.


He Does Not Spend Time with the Children


He Watches Sports Too Much


He Won’t Open up about the Way He Feels

Looking through my list, it looks like some guys get in trouble, but i’m sure there isn’t a guy out there that does all 20 of these things. Right? If you do number 15, then you’re probably going to do number 12 as well – while you’re doing number 15. lol. If number 4 is going on with your man, then perhaps it is time to try some techniques to help with this problem. If number 3 is what is bad about your man, then you need to sit down with him and tell him how important it is to have a relationship with the children. Now, if he does not know how to dress, then you shouldn’t pick on that. You should like your man for who he is, not what he wants to be and if he doesn’t dress to your liking, then that’s not something you should try to change. Now, for number 5, you should show him some pictures of accidents. Trust me, I have witnessed cars after they have been wrecked. I have even saw bodies laying in caskets after they have been wrecked – talk to your guy about driving safe and explain to him just how important it is. So, with this top 20 list in mind, which one of these from the list do you complain about? If you have no complaints from this list, do you have anything you would like to add to my list?

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ahhh, if I could complain about point 20.. I feel like a nympho next to my 'once ir twice, when on vacation three times a week' boyfriend..

When one gender tries to be like the other even though biological and anatomical it is clear we are not the same what does that mean? It's interesting that you can run through google and you will always wind up men don't like to communicate and most of the things that women complain about are traits specific to them meaning the female gender. Men who like women which includes all of the hormones, feelings, processes, thoughts, etc. are geared towards that. Women who like men have the lack of that which means we are already very different. That's what is the consistent complain is about. Sure, men can do better but to expect us to act like women is ridiculous and we will never be that no matter how much complaining is happening. Technology which is man made created a toxic environment giving individuals false sense of security. If any of the technology fails or we have a power outage for a long time, it will all fall back to the "strongest survives" because as a society we have failed to learn how to work with each other but instead we have been very busy teaching everyone that they can do whatever they want and no one can tell them any different, everyone is special and with that mentality you are creating a recipe for chaos which is evident in our nation right now. Women need to comprehend and learn to accept that men are men and these are our weak points it's like you are expecting a Lion to fly or swim fast like a dolphin and it will never happen. However, if each would say I know that's YOUR thing because I care I will do better instead of expecting it out of the gate.

YOU SHOULD link the site COMPLAINTS man have about women :) BTW i so damn like it

Yes, I think you should link the site 'Complaints MenHave About Women' :) I'd have to say my top complaint is that apparently it's all about him.

come on u guys....all guys r not like man also has some of these habits....but if we only learn to take it with a pinch of salt and list the "top 20 things my man has done for me" sure we would have a Happily ever after!!!

They have huge ego to admit their fault.

This isn't all from me, but here's some I've heard: -He doesn't realize it when he says something that bothers me. -He doesn't care about stuff I care about. -He picks on me in front of his friends. -He doesn't side with me. -He doesn't know when to shut up. -He acts immature sometimes. -He thinks I am the one that causes all the problems. -He has weird fantasies.

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