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7 Things That Men Don't Get about Women ...

By Alison

Let’s face it, men are as a rule pretty clueless about women. They just don’t understand what makes us tick (though I must admit that for me, the reverse is true, having grown up in a largely female household). We spend what seems like years trying to make them understand why some things are so important to us. Here are seven things that men don’t get about women …

1 Love for Shoes

The male shoe wardrobe is more of a shoe draw really. Men have two pairs of shoes – a smart pair for work and weddings, and trainers for all other occasions. They just don’t get why women need to have a variety of pairs for different outfits, much less why we need shoes in different colours. Won’t black go with everything?

2 Cosmetics

Look, guys. Here’s the deal. It’s not that we need makeup to make us look beautiful, it’s that we like to use it to enhance our natural good looks, and build on what we’ve already got. To us, it’s fun being able to play with our appearance every day. As for other cosmetic products, we don’t actually need dozens of products filling up the bathroom shelves, it’s that we like experimenting.

3 Why Contact is Important

One thing that men really don’t get about women is that we like to hear from them. It’s not that we expect to hear from a guy every five minutes, but if he’s enjoyed a date then we like him to tell us so. Wanting to get a text or a call does not make us crazy stalkers or needy, rather it’s about the courtesy we deserve.

4 Foreplay

Oh dear. This is a real minefield for the different genders. You would think that even the male brain, simple as its functions may be, could grasp the concept that women are programmed differently. Yet so frequently it seems impossible to get across to them that we need time to get our engines revving. Actually, if we put it in those terms, they might finally get it.

5 The Toilet Seat Thing

When, oh when, will men learn that we like the toilet seat DOWN? It’s not only a question of aesthetics, it’s just nicer. Plus if you have an inquisitive kitten in the household, placing the seat in the DOWN position prevents said kitten taking a dive where it doesn’t really want to swim.

6 Why We Love Our Pets

Men, pets are not child substitutes to us. I repeat, they are NOT child substitutes. We love them in their own right. We love them for their companionship, their entertainment value, and a hundred other reasons. Yet men seem to be totally puzzled by our love for animals (of course there are exceptions), and think that it’s a girly trait.

7 Chocolate

Actually, this is one thing that I really don’t mind that men don’t get about women. Who wants to share? The last thing we need is them begging for half our choccy bar, stealing from our stash or buying their own chocolate and refusing to share with us. No, some things are not meant to be understood. Guys, let the chocolate thing remain a mystery, and we’ll stop wondering why you like beer so much.

As much as I love men (well, some of them), my experience of dealing with them over the years has led me to conclude that it really is true that there are some things they don’t get about women. What would you add to this list – or indeed, what confuses you about men?

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