10 Things Men Won't Ever Understand about Women ...

Men are confusing. I’ve never met anyone who could explain their weird ways to me, male or female. Recently, though, I’ve discovered some things that men don’t understand about women, and despite hours of explaining, and even trying to use salt and pepper (it took me a long time and A LOT of condiments to learn the offside rule!) they just couldn’t get it. So here is my list of things that men just won’t ever understand...

1. Fantasies

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Photo Credit: Kristen Lanae.

Vampires have been huge recently, and hundreds of women have admitted to finding new secret fantasies revolving around the Twilight series...this is something men just can’t grasp, however. They tend to have a few set fantasies, which they may or may not think about, but these don’t tend to be triggered by a particular person or event. So Robert Pattison scares him a little, and he’ll worry that you have ‘lost’ some of the feelings you had for him. It seems that men and women formulate fantasies in very different ways, so make sure you keep him feeling loved too, and avoid trying to explain!

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