7 Reasons Why Men's Health is More Informative than Cosmopolitan ...


7 Reasons Why Men's Health is More Informative than Cosmopolitan ...
7 Reasons Why Men's Health is More Informative than Cosmopolitan ...

First, let me just say that I am a faithful Cosmopolitan reader and that only a brutal blackmail could make me cancel my subscription. However, although a new issue of it finds its way to my busy hands every month, I rarely get the chance to finish reading it and think, “Wow, knowing this will come handy one day!” On the other hand, I’ve discovered that my fiancé’s choice, Men’s Health, does have some really good information that (surprisingly?) have nothing to do with make-up! Here is the list of my 7 reasons why Men’s Health is definitely worth checking out:

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Food and Diet Tips

Food and Diet Tips Photo Credit: chefranden

I really don’t need another one of J.Lo’s super diets or more baby-fat burning tricks that have helped celebrity mommies get back in shape for those extra special premieres. You know why? Because they always “forget” to mention that the celebrity in question has a very expensive ace up her sleeve – a personal trainer I could never afford. Men’s Health, on the other hand, features various food/calories charts, tips on how and what to eat and detailed specifications of each and every food group.


Sex Talk and Toys

Sex Talk and Toys Photo Credit: Ghost-in-the-Shell

According to Cosmopolitan, all I need to do in order to have a great sex life is spend 2-3 monthly wages on weird looking sex toys and get a circus monkey to train me so I could do all those positions… OK, maybe I’m overreacting now but, somehow, I find Men’s Health sex tips more down-to-earth and doable. Plus, you don’t have to be ashamed of asking him to try them out because, hey, you’ve found them in HIS magazine!


What They Think That We Are Thinking

What They Think That We Are Thinking Photo Credit: briansuda

We spend days trying to figure out the real meaning of their words, we are thinking about it, reading about it and spend hours talking to our BFFs about it. Now, wouldn’t it be fun if we could just see things from their perspective? I love reading this section – it’s like having a best male friend. It really helps to understand the male part of the population and, you get to laugh over the ridiculous, macho “interpretations” of the things we girls do or say.


Fashion for Men

Fashion for Men Photo Credit: eileenaway

I’ve never had a problem to find a fashionable item for myself but I’m not ashamed to admit that, when it comes to presents for him, I’m running out of ideas! Now, unlike magazines for women, that deal with this topic only two times a year (Valentine ’s Day and Christmas), magazines like Men’s Health (and even Maxim) feature the male style section every month. Body lotions, skincare products, clothes, perfumes, cool gadgets… you name it! And you have the price and the store location listed for each item. Now, isn’t that useful?


Healthy and Easy to Make Recipes

Healthy and Easy to Make Recipes Photo Credit: nathangibbs

Most men wouldn’t even consider a recipe that requires more than 45 minutes of slaving in the kitchen and some even think that’s too much! I really believe that Men’s Health writers and editors had to work very hard to find all those super-fast, ultra-delicious recipes for food that is… ok, hold on to your chairs now … HEALTHY and LOW fat!


Interesting Facts about “this and That”

Interesting Facts about “this and That” Photo Credit: lauren-janelle

Interesting and new information about common household items, medicines, gadgets, potentially dangerous products etc. etc. etc. Every issue of Men’s Health is like a little encyclopedia. Don’t get me wrong, reading Cosmopolitan is fun too –I just love the make-up and style tips and celebrity style gossips always make me laugh. I would have to say that reading both is definitely a win-win situation.


Male Viewpoint

Male Viewpoint Photo Credit: Dustin Diaz

Sometimes it’s not so much about what has been written but what can you read between the lines. A straightforward, factual male magazine like this one, clearly shows what men aim for – great looks, style, career, hot set of wheels and a great woman to make the story complete. Check out the sections, the outline of the magazine itself and the style in which the articles have been written– fact, ladies, pure facts! No gossips, very few interviews and not a single “Why is your best friend being such a jerk these days” article. Yup, it’s definitely a man’s world, but we can learn a lot from it – like figuring out “male-style” ways to ask questions and get information or picking great “conversation booster” topics.

Now, if this doesn’t make you wish to flip through the pages, let me just mention one more thing – Great-looking guys, and plenty of abs/chest/arms photos! So, tell me, what do you think about Men’s Health? Do you find it interesting too?

Top Photo Credit: sassattack

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I've actually never read one. I'm not a follower of Cosmo either though.

Awesome! I really like this article.

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