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7 Reasons to Look Your Best ...

By Mercy

Of course, it is not always possible for you to look your best. But, there are many reasons why it is worth the effort you make to look great. Here is a list of 7 reasons to look your best at all possible times, in my opinion.

Table of contents:

  1. new life opportunities
  2. new business opportunities
  3. increases your self esteem
  4. other people’s reaction
  5. respecting the occasion
  6. respecting the person
  7. keeping the spark in the relationship alive

1 New Life Opportunities

There are many life opportunities that come by without knocking. For instance, you could meet the person of your dreams and fall in love at first sight. If such an opportunity were to present itself, wouldn’t you like to be sure that you looked your best?

2 New Business Opportunities

Just like life opportunities may present themselves unexpectedly, so can business or work opportunities. Who knows, you may be discovered as a new face by a prominent ad film maker. Or you may run into a guy who may be taking your interview the next day. Shouldn’t you be prepared for opportunities like these?

3 Increases Your Self Esteem

One’s self esteem is largely dependent on one’s self image. If you have taken the trouble to groom yourself and look good, you are sure to feel good. There will be a bounce in your step that everyone is attracted to.

4 Other People’s Reaction

Another one of the important reasons to look your best is that people unknowingly and subconsciously react to what they see. When they see a good looking person who is well groomed, they are sure to react and respond more positively.

5 Respecting the Occasion

This is another of the important reasons to look your best. You need to look your best when you are in a social situation because that shows respect to the occasion you are a part of. This is just being well cultured.

6 Respecting the Person

This is a matter of being well mannered. When you take the effort to groom yourself well, it shows that you are respectful of the company you are in. On the other hand, if you don’t take care of your appearance, the message that gets conveyed is that you don’t care about the opinion people may have of you because according to you their opinion means nothing.

7 Keeping the Spark in the Relationship Alive

Even if you are already in a relationship and are not looking for love, there are reasons you should look your best at all times. No matter how young or old the relationship may be, appearances play a large part in keeping the spark in it alive. So, show love and respect for your partner and groom yourself on a daily basis.

Of course, like I said before there are more than these 7 reasons to look your best. But, it is a matter of things that are important to you. That is, of course, a subjective question. In my opinion, looking one’s best is a sign that you respect yourself, others around you and the situation you are in. So, don’t let yourself down.

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