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7 Ways to Emulate Elizabeth Taylor ...

By Alison

When the actress Elizabeth Taylor died recently, it seemed that an era had truly ended. Dame Elizabeth was an icon of the twentieth century, and even though her health had prevented her working much in recent years, her fame was as great as ever. Known as much for her colourful personal life as for her lengthy career, Elizabeth was certainly a strong and forceful personality. While we may not have her looks, there are many ways in which we can emulate Elizabeth Taylor …

1 Live Life with Passion

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Nobody could ever accuse Dame Elizabeth of doing things by halves! Quite the opposite – here is one woman who lived life to the full. In every aspect of her life, whether it involved her career, charity work or personal life, she put passion and energy into it. Follow in her footsteps, even if in a less grand way, and you will enjoy what you do.

2 Buy the Best

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Massive diamonds and couture outfits might not be in our budgets, and I certainly wouldn’t advocate spending money you can’t afford to spend. However, we can learn a lesson from Elizabeth and apply it to a smaller extent. Buy quality when it’s worth doing so – look at vintage or resale shops, for example, or buy an occasional good bottle of wine instead of several bottles of cheap plonk.


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3 Keep on Trying

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As a divorcee, I am inclined to think once is enough, though I might be persuaded to consider a second marriage with the right man. I certainly wouldn’t clock up eight marriages! However, the lesson to learn here is that persistence can be positive, and there are certain circumstances where you shouldn’t give up.

4 Always Look Good

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Even when confined to a wheelchair, and in spite of suffering several major health problems, Dame Elizabeth was never seen looking less than immaculate. Making an effort, even if you don’t feel like doing so, can have a positive effect on you. Just think how much brighter a simple act like putting on lipstick can make you feel.

5 Enhance Your Best Features

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Think of Elizabeth Taylor, and you immediately see an image of her dark hair and those extraordinary eyes. Elizabeth knew what her best features were, and she used them to full effect. We all have something attractive about us, so play that up and don’t worry about what you don’t like about yourself.

6 Do Good

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Elizabeth was very active when it came to charity work, and didn’t forget her charity in her will. We might not have millions to leave, but we can all do something to help other people. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture – help out a neighbour in need, or volunteer in whatever field you are interested in.

7 Hold Your Head up

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Despite the number of jokes made about her multiple marriages, you never saw any sign that it bothered Dame Elizabeth. Quite right, too! Don’t worry what other people think of you; hold your head up and don’t let other people get you down.

So you see, there are lots of ways in which you can emulate Elizabeth Taylor and adopt an aspect of her style or attitude. Are there any other stars you admire, whether they are contemporary or from the past, and what have you learned from them?

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