8 Reasons to Have a Shorter Haircut ...


8 Reasons to Have a Shorter Haircut ...
8 Reasons to Have a Shorter Haircut ...

Over the years, I've had my hair in all kinds of styles and lengths. Last summer, I decided to cut it shorter, as it was getting too hot and heavy, and I've kept it in a chin-length bob ever since. Here are eight reasons to opt for a shorter style.

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Practicality Photo Credit: GROGG

Unless you have a very complicated cut that needs a lot of styling, shorter hair is definitely more practical. It's quick to wash and dry — in summer, mine takes no time at all to dry.



Summer Photo Credit: breathing exercises

Long hair in summer — not comfortable! Invariably you end up pulling it into a ponytail or bun, because it's just too hot. Shorter hair is much cooler.


It Suits You

You might like long hair, but does it like you? I loved having mine long, but since I'm not very tall, having it chin length does look more in proportion. Some girls just look fantastic with shorter styles.


Better Condition

Not everyone can grow their hair long — sometimes it looks in poor condition if you try. If that is the case, you're better off with a shorter style


It's Different

It's Different Photo Credit: A U D E

Young people today all look the same to me. Seriously (and I'm not that old). All girls in their 20's seem to have the same poker-straight extensions. A shorter style will make you stand out.


You like It

We've all heard of women getting their hair cut after a break-up. Sometimes they kept it long because their boyfriend liked it that way, and now they do what they want with it. You should always have the style that YOU want (as long as it suits you).



Time Photo Credit: Aliciejj

Are mornings a bit of a rush? Or do you just dislike spending a lot of time drying and styling your hair? In this case, going for the chop makes sense, as it will save you a lot of time.


You Fancy a Change

If you feel like trying something new with your hair, why not go for it? You can always grow it again later if you want another change (obviously that's not quite as quick!).

So ... what do you think of shorter vs. long? Would you never cut your hair? Or do you find long hair too annoying?

Top Photo Credit: Zuzana Kubatova

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I love short hair :D I've had it short since highschool, but now I'm starting to grow it out again because I haven't had long hair in a while. However, whenever I see a cute girl with short hair, it makes me want to go back and chop my hair all over again >_<

aww but the girls in number 5 look really gorgeous with that hair!

I will son have short hair!! I have been growing my hair out for over a year to donate it to a cancer patient who lost their hair due to chemotherapy. I can not wait till I have my short hair back though.

I kinda agree with you, but then again I don't. I agree with the fact that short hair can be easier to style. I recently cut 10 inches off my hair so I know it doesn't take as long to blowdry and style it. But not everyone looks good with short hair. Girls with curly thick hair will usually have a fro if the cut it. If they enjoy ALOT of volume then thats great for them. But on the other hand girls with thin, fine hair will definitely look way better with short hair. It makes it appear thicker, just make sure not to put to many layers in the short style! I love long hair and I'm growing mine back out, but I am enjoying the process of different cuts I can do while its growing!

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